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The numerical challenge awaits you, are you able to?  Do not waste the opportunity!

The numerical challenge awaits you, are you able to? Do not waste the opportunity!

Every day is a new challenge, and this day is a numerical challenge! This is a challenging puzzle game that you have to engage in and solve in less than a minute. Believe me, it’s a children’s game!

Numbers are not an opinion, so without losing your temper, you need to exploit your skills, starting with logic. In fact, it is good to know that before making any calculation it is necessary to use your intelligence! there numerical challenge It’s not impossible, but no doubt once you figure out the solution, you’ll eat your hands because you didn’t solve it yourself. By the way, time is running out, now I will explain what you need to do.

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First of all, you have values ​​and operations to perform, except for the last one that you have to solve on your own. Exactly, what to do? As mentioned earlier, you must first make use of logic, which means you need to find the correct combinations and common elements between the numbers above.

there numerical challenge Then he continues to do the math, but if you don’t first realize what the connection between the numbers is, you’re off track!

So, have you already figured out how to fix it? Scroll through the article and I will give you the explanation and the correct answer.

The solution to the numerical challenge is very simple!

Before moving on to the conclusion of our game, do you know how many puzzles are on our site? If you like quirky words and arguments, Try the logic puzzle that tests your insightYou will love it. But if numbers are your forte and your biggest pleasure, let’s check if you got it right or you made a mistake.

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solving the numerical challenge
Source: Created by Instanews and photos by

And the correct answer is 36! Do you know why? Let’s say if you don’t succeed on your own, you have to practice a lot, because solving this was very easy. Also because right from the start I made a basic suggestion to you: use logic. In fact, the links between the numbers are clearly visible!

If you carefully note the sum of tens in units and then multiply with each other, it gives the above numbers as a result. specially:

11 x 11 = (1 + 1) x (1 + 1) = 2 x 2 = 4

22 x 22 = (2 + 2) x (2 + 2) = 4 x 4 = 16

33 x 33 = (3 + 3) x (3 + 3) = 6 x 6 = 36

So, did you get there yourself? If so, try a completely different challenge. I recommend A visual puzzle where you have to find the hidden pandaIt’s really funny. Otherwise, if you need to improve your mathematical thinking, take a tour of our site, and you will find many of this type.