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This is his latest amazing picture

This is his latest amazing picture

The Hubble Telescope accustomed us to the exciting images of the universeAll thanks to his hard work and acquisition tools that have always worked perfectly for over 32 years. The image we are talking about today is one of his latest images, which occupies the galaxy M99

Today’s shot you can – as mentioned earlier – Spiral galaxy M99 resumes in all its splendor, about 42 million light-years from Earth. Scientists identify M99 as “G.Alassia Grand Design Screw‘, this is a large family of galaxies that have very specific and distinct outer arms.

According to the latest accounts, Grand Design currently constitutes 10% of all spiral galaxies in the universeAs announced by NASA and the European Space Agency. To be able to view it in all its beauty (the image you find at the bottom of the news story speaks for itself), the Hubble Space Telescope had to use two different observations, each serving different astronomical purposes.

there First series of notes It was made because scientists were looking for contrasts between different cosmic explosions, to better understand their commonalities and differences. By the nine cosmic explosions we mean the classic supernovae.

there The second set of notesInstead, it focused on a larger project (of which Hubble is a part) that seeks to establish a concrete relationship between the formation of young stars and the gases that make up their neighboring regions.

By combining these two studies, it was possible to extrapolate what it is today One of the most amazing pictures taken by Hubble of a single galaxy. It is clear that outstanding telescope works are many, and eyeglasses telescope profession Studded with great success.

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It is not surprising that when work began in the distant 1990’s, it completely revolutionized space exploration, bringing out the things that we humans see”We can’t even imagineNow that the fellow is (much stronger) James Webb Space Telescope Ready to take action, it is reasonable to expect an even steeper evolutionary leap.

If you want the guide, here it is Webb’s latest telescope test image shocked scientists.