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The Netherlands, planning to kill Mark Rutte: the arrest of the leader of the Unity Party

The Netherlands, planning to kill Mark Rutte: the arrest of the leader of the Unity Party

The Dutch police Leader arrested Unity PartyAnd Arnaud van DornSuspected of being involved in a plan to kill the Prime Minister Mark Rutte, which has recently been enhanced security. According to reports from the prime minister’s security service, Van Dorn, a member of the Hague city council, was arrested on Sunday after “showing suspicious behavior” while walking in the same area as Root. When questioned by the police, he was released a few hours later. The man played in recent years in the populist PVV party Geert Wilders. After his release, he converted to Islam. His lawyer, Anis Boumangal, told the BBC that he should not have been arrested because there was no real reason to suspect him.

Confirming the arrest, the judges have already announced that an investigation is underway: according to a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague, Van Dorn is suspected of collecting information precisely ‘Preparing to try to kill’ Prime Minister. The news of the arrest came after the disclosure of the reinforcement of security around Rote in the past few hours. There is concern that he may be the target of an attack or a to kidnap by organized crime.

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