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El’ira della Meloni: “I was left alone to run this election campaign”


At least Salvini transforms Italy into a top, he puts his face to it, but there is nothing under him: what should the league do? Knot politics. “Anyone who has spoken to Georgia Meloni in the last few hours, under the veins imposed by the upcoming polls, says she is angry. At FDI headquarters. Giorgi’s detailed information for candidates for the municipal election was particularly badly received against Michetti, praising Calenda. But the FDI leader’s tolerance spreads to other allies, including Forza Italia, either in the territory (see Rome) or out the window (see Milan). “They left us alone for this election campaign” is the bitter juice with various conversations. Probably not possible to come to a meeting, but two “initiatives” of three center-right leaders (with Dajani) in Rome, perhaps working for press conferences. And Milan.

Giorgie left at the time of the discovery – Meloni guest on “Porta Porta” said – but he attacked me because he should have known that Calenda would never reach the ballot and that he was not such a capable minister. I don’t want him to return to Lego the first way he wants the worst in Rome … The leftists are so organized, we don’t go in any particular order. ” He adds: “The Mauritius case has a significant political impact.” Tension inside FDI is very high. The official version is that the internal problems of the league house – i.e. the vocabulary that has now become colloquial between the “two leagues” – must be resolved between them. Further accounts, both number and politics will be done later. But the function of bringing the calendula to the perimeter of the center-right “disabled” micchetti is indigestible. And because it is in advance: “It is obvious that we need to talk to him from the point of view of the ballot – one MP explains – but to do so now is to start from a weak position”. On the brink of sabotage, with all due respect to the “denial of interviews”, one type of magazine did not believe much. “This does not seem to be the right time for such announcements,” said Sierra Colosimo, a regional councilor who is grinding election nominations. Fear overflows: “They want to march the party from his feet to Salvini …”.

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The paradox is that the intense Georgetiana wanted to concede at least a personal feeling, or at least a respectful respect, between “Matteo” and “Georgia” after months of icy cold. Precisely the reason for the differences of opinion on the candidates. With several weeks of stalemate, the summits were summoned and adjourned, negotiations between the Sherpas, allegations made in veto (for example, against Bertolaso) and not heard (she told him). One-handed wrestling ended with the “subdivision” of two major cities. In Rome, Maloney imposed a radio tribune on his allies, asking, “Who is Michelle?” To “Our Mr. Wolf,” but remained in the hearts of the enemy as “not Caligula’s horse, but Giorga’s horse.” In Milan, when the league gave her the cards, she fell back on pediatrician-Coffer Bernardo, who kept everyone on the brink of defeat in the first round, and noticed that Salvini was “thank you” for the variety.

FDI abdominal pain, however, is directed towards Assyria. “Elio Vitto tweets more than Forza Italia efforts” is a poisonous joke. By attending Caspberry’s last meeting with Mycetti, it would be 40. At the crossroads, Berlusconian deputy Witto decided to support his party’s list, but, by a separate vote, Andre Bernardo shrugged his shoulders as mayor: “I am still the same. The problem is the Roman and national administration of the party. Siosa: “I have a great relationship with Georgia, they are internal jealousies”.

Maybe yes, but mutually. The Romanian blues are battling 4% of the Maginot lineup, and even according to some polls, they are gaining only one seat in the city council, signing former Grillino de Vito. Understandably, they are not cheering. There is also no generosity: “They are the wrong candidate in the FdI and now they are whining – they are responding – Michetti’s election committee managed it themselves, what do they want?”. The captain’s faithful kept extending their hand: “No, come on, Georgette corrected himself – Claudio Durgan, the man on the Lazio list smiles – I hope Mickey will win the referendum: he’s good and new. I do not know Giorgi, I do not know who he is, I ‘m eating a delicious sandwich. “

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