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Xbox is increasingly central to Microsoft, for CEO Satya Nadella -

Xbox is increasingly central to Microsoft, for CEO Satya Nadella –

X-Box And much more middle in plans Microsoft than in the past, according to CEO Satya Nadella in an interview with the Beverly Hills Code Conference.

according to NadellaIt’s true that the Xbox division has always been a part of Microsoft, but in the past it was more marginalized than it is today. The company’s CEO specified that Xbox is built on Microsoft’s cloud technologies and that’s why services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Live are seen as essential, not only for the users they attract, but also as a way to push the cloud. (from which Microsoft generates billions of dollars in revenue).

If we want, then this is another confirmation of how to read services like those offered by Microsoft, and more specifically by Xbox, using the world of video games only as a reference is actually wrong and limited, because in reality they necessarily enter into a relationship with others. Objectives that cannot be ignored.

The fact that in the past Microsoft did not consider Xbox as central as it is today is not a mystery. How can we forget the Xbox One launch that nearly convinced the company’s top management to pull the plug on the department? Luckily Phil Spencer He turned the situation around and that danger no longer exists.

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