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The latest news is live, getting out of the red zone

The latest news is live, getting out of the red zone

Rapid Civil Defense Program is in operation

On November 26, the Rapid Civil Defense Program for the temporary evacuation of more than a thousand people from the landslide-affected areas came into operation in Casamichiola.

The program, which will last until 4pm tomorrow, has been triggered in conjunction with the start of a yellow alert on the island of Ischia. For red areas, a shuttle service is planned to transfer citizens to existing accommodation facilities. Police forces will guarantee anti-robbery services.

There are eight collection points here

There are eight collection points for citizens of Casamichiola who need to reach the island’s hotels by shuttle. about this Piazza Maio, Rita, Via de Rivas (Parish of Santa Maria Maddalena), Corso Garibaldi (Public Parking), Via Princess Margherita (in front of Mati Institute), Marina Square (taxi station), Via Edomate Parking (Altitude of Hotel Abroto), Via Vittorio Emanuele (Cutting through Cretaio).

Earth angels surrender to the rain

From 8.30 seventy boys (almost all students), despite the leaden sky and rain starting to fall, they are now called “.Earthen angels», she had come early in the morning Bath square Continued shoveling mud that fell from the top of Epomeo on Saturday night. Minutes after it rained, a river of clay formed again, running between houses and streets, making everything slippery and not allowing them to operate safely in the area today. During rainfall, other landslides occur or boulders and suspended debris are dragged down.

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Hundreds of beds in sports halls

“Sports stadiums on the island of Issia are equipped, and people in the green zone can go there (so people in the red zone are not within the precautionary distance, ed.) and feel at risk”. Casamicciola Municipal Commissioner Simonetta Calcaterra said in a press conference. Hundreds of beds are being set up in sports halls in case the danger escalates.

“There should be no violent rainfall”

“The weather forecasts are difficult from 4 pm today, but we have a yellow warning, so the evacuation is a precaution. There should not be violent rainfall, but the area already affected by the landslide is particularly muddy and even a little water will become dangerous,” the extraordinary commissioner of the municipality of Casamichiola told a press conference. Simonetta calcatera.

“In the injured area – it is imperative that citizens move to a safe area,” he said.

Here comes the plan to get out of the red zone

A quick plan to remove the blockade from Casamichiola’s red zone will be released “in the next few hours”. This was announced by Commissioner Casamichiola. John Legnini. The red zone covers two danger zones. As of today, the duration is speculated to be two to three nights.

About 1,100 people will be evacuated: the availability of places in hotels in Issia has been taken over. In addition to hotels, there will be gymnasiums and sports arenas to accommodate displaced people.

Borelli on Casamichiola: “The government is finally moving”

There is also a vice chancellor Francis Borelli In Casamicciola: “Do not avoid the phenomenon of unauthorized use. Finally, even the government has recognized the issue of climate change.

Commissioner Legnini met the press

The Commissioner’s press conference took place today at 10 am at the headquarters of the operational center set up in Casamicciola Terme. John Legnini, Civil Defense and the Ordinance of the Mayors of Ischia, regarding the Red Areas in view of possible weather warnings. During this meeting, the precautionary measures that will be taken in the next few hours will be explained.

For the so-called green light from the Cabinet Order of IschiaFive days after the tragedy that left 11 dead and one missing, it orders emergency interventions to support people affected by floods and landslides.

The decree, in particular, provides measures in favor of the inhabitants of Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno. For them, the terms of payment of tax, including those received from payment orders issued by collection agencies, have been suspended till 30 June 2023. Additionally, the Administrator has decided to suspend the procedural deadline until December 31, 2022, and stay the court’s civil and criminal proceedings. Ishiya or other courts if the party or the guardian are residents of the flood-affected area. The same suspension applies to administrative, accounting, tax and military activities. Finally, the mandate has been extended until December 31, 2023, with the deadline for completion of the Ischia Island branch currently set for December 31, 2022.

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