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Updates, revisions and additions: these, according to what has been learned, are the fronts that the European Commission working group dealing with the national Pnrr is negotiating with various capitals, including Rome. The countries directly involved in what is defined as an “ongoing debate” will be at least a dozen. Luxembourg has so far been the only one to formally apply for the amendment, but Portugal has also highlighted the need to go beyond the 2026 deadline. Spain is negotiating a 95 billion injection of new funds.

“We are currently working hard to achieve the 55 targets for the second half of 2022, to be able to submit the third payment application in Brussels by the end of next December. We are already well advanced and we will certainly achieve this goal as well,” said the Minister of Economy: Giancarlo Giorgettiat the annual Pnrr event.

Giorgetti later said at a hearing about the maneuver, “I reiterate the importance of expediting the implementation of the Maritime Transport Law even in the presence of obstacles such as high material prices and their inevitable consequences for the final costs of public works.” He pointed out that “exactly to deal with this matter, the budget bill contains specific funds amounting to about $12 billion in the period 2023-2027. The economy, and also contributes to improving debt sustainability.”

“Our country has so far shown great ability to deliver on its commitments, and I think we should acknowledge the previous government’s work well. The current government is doing well: the Commissioner’s mission checked the level of commitment on these two extraordinary days from all our departments,” said the Commissioner for Economics there. Paul Gentiloni Speaking at the annual Pnrr event.

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