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The frozen bay in Finland sets record temperatures in the south.  Double-faced European winter

The frozen bay in Finland sets record temperatures in the south. Double-faced European winter

everyone Gulf of Bothnia Frozen, northern part of Baltic Seabetween Finland H Sweden. Its area is equal to the area of ​​Sardinia. It's the record cold of a double-sided winter in Europe. They arrived very late in our latitudes, but their jaws have been squeezing Finland and Sweden for months, where they reached record temperatures, below -43 degrees Celsius in Lapland. Eventually, frost took hold of the sea as well, with an intensity not seen in more than a decade.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Office, in fact, such a large stretch of the Baltic Sea has not been touched since 2010 and 2011, when the longest highway on ice to connect the Baltic Sea was opened. Estoni Island in Hioma H Saaremaa To the mainland: 25 kilometers above water.

currently, All Finnish coastal areas adjacent to the Baltic Sea are frozen: a surface area four times larger than averageAgain according to the Helsinki Weather Institute. Satellite images taken by Sentinel 3 of the European constellation CopernicusTestimony to this: the entire Gulf of Bothnia has been obliterated by the white crust. The record cold has paralyzed much activity in northern Scandinavia, causing flooding Transportation disturbancesThe authorities were forced to close many bridges, train and ferry services, as well as schools.


Copernicus data: In 2023, the global average temperature approaches the 1.5°C limit

By Luca Frioli

The Copernicus Service map shows that in fact, in that region, the mercury remained close to average during that period, if not lower in December. On the contrary, the rest of Europe witnessed rising temperatures, even in the last month of the year. There is no aspect that conflicts with the relevant considerations Global Warming any weather changesWhich together means an unprecedented crisis. In some areas of the world, extreme cold is part of the statistical variability of weather (which is different from climate), and in other ways it may instead be the result of shifting balances affecting Polar vortex.

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    December temperature map in Europe - Credits: Copernicus Climate Change Service