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The emergency maneuver that saved the plane from fire

The emergency maneuver that saved the plane from fire

A few minutes passed after takeoff, and then suddenly the plane began to perform maneuvers different from the original course. Those on board realized that something was wrong. Thus, after leaving the soil AcceptanceThere was no shortage of moments of panic inside the Italian Air Force’s C-130 being targeted by gunshots.

The journalist from IlGiornale was also on board Fausto BeloslavoWho talked about the evasive maneuvers carried out by Major Anamaria, the pilot of the military plane. “There were many journalists on board, but there were many Afghans as well,” Beloslavo said. According to his testimony, the shots were fired from the ground from machine guns.

However, a few hours later the C-130 landed on a military base in Kuwait. There was no damage and the flight continued smoothly after leaving Kabul’s airspace. On board was another journalist, Simona Fasta. He said, “A few minutes after leaving Kabul they tried to hit us with heavy machine guns – Sky TG 24 – But the pilot Anamaria responded quickly, and maneuvered to avoid being injured.”

The reporter talked about the state of panic that arose immediately after taking off inside the plane. “There were moments of panic, there was a lot of dancing because of the diversion maneuvers – this is his story – many people on the ground but in complicated conditions because these flights are packed to allow as many people as possible to be taken away from Afghanistan.”

So far, the international coalition aircraft located in Kabul have not been fired at. Since last August 15, since I Taliban They occupied the Afghan capital, the stop is the only way out for many Afghan refugees. For several days, the structure was manned by thousands of people who tried to board one of the planes operating in the airlifts organized by the western units surprisingly.

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Italy also continues with evacuations, albeit with great difficulty. In the previous days, US and British intelligence had reported several alerts related to safety at the Air port. Today, fears have turned into reality. The shooting of our Air Force planes was preceded by a few hours before the kamikaze attack, which resulted in several casualties among American civilians and military personnel.

Flight illustration

But what really happened to the Italian flight? Why was one of our cars targeted? In fact, the Air Force made another version. “With regard to what was reported in the press about the event in which the Air Force C-130J participated after take-off from Kabul Airport – a note states that the Air Force did not affect the aircraft due to the shooting.”

So the car was not hit, but it is likely to run the risk of being shot by unknown groups operating from the ground. “Chief cabin crew, as required by operational procedures and subject to continuous training — reads the press release — in observing and pointing upwards of firearms coming from the ground, which can be seen as bases, an evasive maneuver was immediately performed to protect the aircraft.”

No harm was caused to the crew – this was finally confirmed – to the passengers and the aircraft was reported. Then the C-130 continued its mission regularly, and was directed to Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait.” At this point it is difficult to determine whether the Italian plane was the real target of those who fired from the ground or not. Finding those responsible is not easy at all, Especially because of the current chaos around the port of the Afghan capital.

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