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New movie and details from the Future Games Show of Gamescom 2021 -

New movie and details from the Future Games Show of Gamescom 2021 –

On the occasion of Gamescom 2021 Future Games Show, abyss pearl Unveiled new details Dukef in a Video, which shows, among other things, unreleased game scenes.

The developers explained that the file Dokebe, the monsters that we can use in battle, are inspired by the spiritual entities that appear in Korean folk tales. The story of DokeV is about collecting Dokebi and starting adventures with friends. The story will progress as we meet different people and solve their problems.

The fulfillment of certain requirements will be activated special events Associated with Dokebi. Moving forward with these stories, we will be able to add this particular monster to our collection. Dokebi will be able to meet not only in the city but also in other areas of the game world. In this regard, the developers want to add real elements of Korean culture.

In the video, we can also watch a few unreleased sequences compared to the trailer that was posted to mark the opening of Night Live, where we can see the new Dokebi, play areas, enemies, and weapons, as well as various means of transportation such as an alpaca, a jet ski and a mini sports car. The developers say that while yesterday’s footage focused heavily on confrontations, DokeV will give players plenty of freedom to explore and enjoy the city.

DokeV will be available during 2022 for PC and consoles.

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