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The complaint raised: What happened to "the girl on the plane" after the flight

The complaint raised: What happened to “the girl on the plane” after the flight

It took a few hours for the video taken on the flight between Ibiza and Bergamo to spread. What happened on the ship, the net missing parts, is now known to everyone. The girl who attacked another passenger badly, because she asked her to put the order right mask To keep his distance, he then threatened to prosecute anyone who helped spread the video. However, many wondered afterward what happened, and how the story ended. Some policemen on the runway arrived at “The Girl from the Plane” at a later time mentioned.

The huge reaction to the request to respect the rules of fighting Coronavirus infection was at the heart of the recorded videos of the other passengers on the plane, who initially tried to reassure the girl. However, at a certain point, even the passengers began to reciprocate the woman’s provocations and the atmosphere on the plane became really hot. At a certain point, the girl grabs the front of the passenger who appears to have asked her to wear the mask correctly and pulls it off, much to the spirits of those on board at that moment. The woman is the hero in mounting tension and a whole series of insults to travelers, as well as “pulling” the tress and some Kicks She was fired at other passengers when the crew reportedly took her to the helm.

The situation on the plane, which was simultaneously making the air transit from Ibiza to Milan, was at its most extreme. If the flight crew could not, very calmly despite the indignation, calm down to complete the final part of the flight in peace, the pilot had to make an emergency landing to allow the authorities to intervene and bring the woman. Earth. In this case, there will be more serious consequences for the girl. Anyway, as I mentioned before South GazetteRiders seem willing to sue the girl for her Injuries. However, a third appeared to have reserved the right to decide at a later date.

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The woman, originally from Bari, as evidenced by a resounding “trim”, the girl directed at one of the passengers, after learning about the videos that were taken on board the plane, she herself recorded some of them published in her stories about Instagram. Certainly not an apology, on the contrary. She continued to insult the person who asked her to wear the mask properly.