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Spread trap revealed – Il Tempo

Spread trap revealed – Il Tempo

Daniele Capzoni, Editorial Director of Libero, devoted an article to the situation of increased proliferation after the choices regarding the maneuver carried out by the Meloni government. In the September 30 issue of the newspaper, the journalist used a firm tone and exposed the anti-centre-right plans: “The tarantula has already begun again, and an increase of a few points in recent days has been enough to bring the mystics of diffusion back into action. To the field, the priests of risk – Italy, the creators “We are prepared to invoke technical (i.e. mandated) ‘solutions’. Let’s say it straight, these sermons (and these prayers) must be rejected. They are unacceptable and unrepresentable.”

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“The risks – Capizzoni emphasizes – are more in the desires of those who tell them than in reality, and the spread is much lower than the peaks (about 250) that were reached even during the Draghi government, and the bond auctions are going well, so there is no reason to feed prophecies.” Destruction. It is intellectually dishonest to put the blame on the Meloni government, which is operating in a completely opposite and unfavorable context, after the ten successive increases in interest rates decided by the European Central Bank. The Meloni government was chosen by the Italians and no one can think of bringing it back. 2011 film production.

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Can Meloni’s confrontation plan succeed? According to Capizzoni, there will be no repeat of what we saw 12 years ago: “This time the external and internal enemies know very well that they cannot overthrow the executive. But they aim to weaken him, to wear him down, to complicate his life, and to bring him to the European elections in June, they hope, and he is in A difficult situation. And so the access of the Pizzani continues, through politics and through the media (national and international). Added to the Pizzani is the objective danger represented by the reform of the Stability Pact prepared by Paolo Gentiloni. It is a trap, or a cage designed to preserve the traditional tendency of the European Union to produce stagnation ( “Instead of growth), and the attitude of the bureaucracies in Brussels to secrecy and ambiguous negotiations. The game – the journalist comments – is very open even in style.”

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