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It can take 3 minutes a day to relieve and relieve neck pain

It can take 3 minutes a day to relieve and relieve neck pain

People living sedentary lives have increased dramatically in recent years. Smart work on a large scale forces us to sit in the office for several hours a day. And by doing too little movement, we tend to gain weight because we don’t burn enough calories. Moreover, we can assume incorrect postures that may cause us little physical pain.

Carpal tunnel, back and neck pain

Office workers often experience some pain. Back pain that branches to the neck due to incorrect posture. Or bend your head forward to look at wrinkled tablets or smartphones Neck Tech. But also the classic pain in wrist Which may also lead to syndrome carpal tunnel.

It can take 3 minutes a day to relieve and relieve neck pain

So what can be done to improve our standard of living and not always feel the pain and the beating? In a previous article we explained 4 moves you must do while sitting in a smart work to avoid back pain. Today we will see some exercises that should be done to improve neck mobility.

The first movement is very simple

Just sit with your shoulders straight and look left and right. Turn the head from side to side trying to move it as far as possible, but without overdoing it and getting hurt. We’d probably do better on our other side, but that’s totally normal. We hold for 30 seconds.

Then we put the crossed hands on the breast and move the head first back and then forward. We always last for 30 seconds. In the same position, we will now be tilting our head to both sides as if we had to pull the ear up. We will feel the neck muscle melt.

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Finally, here are the last two

The duration is always 30 seconds per movement. This time we focus on the chin, bringing the head back by pulling the chin. Let’s think about the picture when we accidentally open the front camera of the phone and see ourselves with the largest face. Then we raise the head forward. The latter is more challenging for some people but not too difficult. We will have to move the head left and right but always look forward and raise the reference shoulder.

So here, only 3 minutes a day may be enough to relieve the neck and remove cervical pain. The great thing about this exercise set is that we don’t need any equipment. We can do it safely by sitting in a chair and the only thing we need is a stopwatch. If we don’t have one, just use the timer on the phone or even the kitchen timer.


Almost everyone is at high risk of suffering from multiple physical ailments

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