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Aldo Bossi: The writer is back in exile, but now he doesn't care anymore.  Colossal disappointment a hard blow!

Aldo Bossi: The writer is back in exile, but now he doesn’t care anymore. Colossal disappointment a hard blow!

Aldo Bossi She was a prominent figure in TV salons, especially in the eighties. Thanks to his intellectual acumen, he was able to deal with every subject, overcoming the most serious problems, Unforgettable tone and sarcastic wit.

agitator, writer, master agitator, pen Aldo Bossi She was always appreciated for the wit and subtle poisonous tone with which she always argued in every question. Since 2010 However, Aldo decided to impose “self negationVoluntary departure from television salons to work on a job that would have been the cornerstone of his career.

for him latest book It should have been the most important job of his life, the one that would make him famous among the posterity and that would make his name remember him forever. But Something didn’t go as he expected!

Aldo Busi guest in “The Last Word” by Gianluigi Paragon

Aldo Bossi’s work, which no longer interests anyone

In these ten long years Aldo Bossi I worked on “autopsy seminarRelentless and continue to make changes and improvements until recently.

According to journalist Paolo Landi, who gave him a recent interview, the manuscript was finally well printed. 850 pages. Posey claims that he usually stacked them on a table and stuck the words together.”A novel without offspringNo one seems to be interested in publishing it.

Although the manuscript was handed over to several publishing houses, Aldo Bossi Show it in response to buckets only “No.” Knowing the author, surely the work will be brilliant, What is lacking in this work is the interest of the public.

Posey has now disappeared from the scene over ten years ago. Most people barely recognize his name, hence his work Can be kept on bookstore shelves, unsold.

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Apparently Not even family Strongly supports this latest work by Bossi. During a family meeting where the writer wanted to donate the manuscript as an inheritance to his grandchildren, he heard: “Thanks uncle, but we don’t want that!Without a huge care for the novel, it would be hard for her to finally see print!