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Shopping List: With DoveConveni you become a thrift list

Shopping List: With DoveConveni you become a thrift list

IThe lockdown imposed during the coronavirus emergency has drastically changed the way people shop Shopping list The Italians. This is what research conducted with the DoveConveni app revealed. From the survey, which included nearly 5,000 users, it was found that more than a year after the start of the siege that forced millions of people to flee their homes, what appeared to be a trend dictated by the circumstances of force majeure has turned into an established phenomenon. Habit.

The Shopping List: How It Has Changed Between Digital Transformation and New Needs

The impact of Covid has accelerated the digital transformation and 60% of Italians interviewed said they were searching Product information And online offers, usually via your smartphone, before continuing to purchase. Not only that, changes in income and the economic crisis that followed the closure of many companies have strongly influenced behavior Consumers Who prefer to save: 65% of respondents said they are very interested in it Offers and promotions. What hasn’t changed is the tendency to prepare Shopping list. 76% of Italians, before buying, usually make a list of the products they need.

With constraints and a boom in consumer demands, retailers have turbo-charged digital investments and have realized the benefits of the omnichannel strategy, which aims to create a connection between the physical store and the virtual floor. In other words, the new idea of ​​the shopping experience starts from the world of online applications and reaches the store. All this to ensure that the user becomes increasingly practical with digital tools, and a smooth and satisfying shopping experience. It is specifically inspired by a concept Shop smartly And considerate New needs of Italians DoveConveni has improved the smart functionality.My savings list“, A tool that supports the user in easy-to-wallet targeted shopping.

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My Savings List: This is how it works

DoveConviene It is an application that allows you to “browse” the flyers and offers of all shops and supermarkets in the vicinity of the user, and allows you to receive notifications about discounts and promotions.
With the new tool “My Savings List”, when a user browses through a flyer and finds something that interests him, he can save it by clicking on the “Save to my list” button on the card.
This way it is created The shopping lists vary according to the point of sale. If the user selects products from the same store, they will be added to the same list, while a different list will be created for products from another store.
This is not all, in fact, in every single list, the user can manually add other products that he intends to buy even if they are not displayed, and thus in one application there is a complete and timely list of Articles that he wants to remember To buy.

Advantages of the My Savings List feature

There are many advantages to the My Savings List feature. The most important feature is that the user, in addition to viewing his shopping list, has the ability Savings Monitor In general the application calculates in real time. Moreover, the offerings are not limited to nutritional products, but range from those in Pet shops, All Opposite, Until’Home furniture, All’electronics And for Home and body care. This is a new function for DoveConveni, which is able to improve online store shopping thanks to digital. This is confirmed by 34% of the DoveConveni research sample, according to which one can be made through a smartphone More accurate and comfortable shopping listBecause finding the offers and products you need gets easier. Who already know what they’re looking for, 19% of users also said the app’s new functionality is proving to be a business support as well Find your way around the store. Finally, the real-time savings account function accounts for one for 15% of respondents Guarantee of your wallet.

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