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That’s why you should also get your severance pay in advance

In such a difficult period on an economic level, few people know that they can get more liquidity by asking for severance pay or TFS in advance. This way you will be able to handle some emergencies or push other products or services.

TFR and TFR represent severance payments to workers in the public and private sectors and are generally distributed at the end of the employment relationship, however this amount due over the years may be requested in advance.

Why ask for severance pay and TFS –

Why ask about TFR or TFS in advance

The Italian economic situation is certainly not the best and many people may need more money to pay for the emergency or to handle important payments.

Instead of opening new loans from banks, which have very high interest rates, you can request a TFR or TFS up front by your employer.

The reasons for requesting TFR and TFS pre-order are different and specific and can be used for different purposes.

TFR is end of service indemnity for private employees while TFS is end of service indemnity for public employees and represents an amount of money that an employee collects during his working life. Each year the employer pays a fee that can be paid to the employee upon termination of the employment relationship.

Why ask for severance pay or TFS upfront?

The reasons can be very diverse, for example, you can incur important health and medical expenses, you can buy the first home for yourself or your children, you can pay for renovations or it can be used for personal reasons that do not have to be mandatory specified for the employer.

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Pre-order tfr or tfs
How to claim TFS or severance compensation in advance –

How to request termination indemnity or TFS from your employer

To get an advance TFR or TFS, simply request it from your employer and based on the motivation provided, you will be able to get:

  • Up to 70% of the amount due at the time of placing an order to purchase a first home for yourself or the children
  • An increase of up to 70% of the amount due in requests for significant health and medical expenses to be incurred and unusual interventions
  • Up to 30% of the amount due up to the moment of application for personal reasons not declared by the employer.

They can request TFS or TFR in advance or only some categories of workers, in detail the application can be submitted by those who have at least 8 years of seniority, who justify any medical expenses or treatment of interventions recognized by public structures, and who have documentation of the expenses incurred to purchase Home and has not submitted an advance payment request for severance pay or TFS in the past.