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More blue flags this year, at 416 "best" beaches - Green Living

More blue flags this year, at 416 “best” beaches – Green Living

This year, Coastal Resorts has risen to 201 (from 195 in 195) with 81 tourist ports (they were 75 last year) and the blue flag can boast of 2021, which is an international NGO fee (Foundation for Environmental Education)). For this 35th edition, there are 6 more municipalities, in total new entries 15, 9 municipalities have not been confirmed.

Liguria is first confirmed on stage Always with 32 seats, when it comes to climbing Campania in second place Makes you slide past 19 flags (with new entrance but exit) Tuscany in third place Who gets 17 blue banners (with three exits) Bound with Baklia It earns two flags (three new inputs and one exit).

There are 416 in total This year (407 were in 2020) Beaches with crystal clear seaThis corresponds to about 10% of the award-winning beaches worldwide, underlining the fee In the lakes the flags are lowered to 16, With two releases. The award is based on “mandatory and guiding” criteria, including a “best” result overseas over the past four years, including wastewater and sewage treatment capacity, separate waste collection, and large pedestrian areas. Roundabouts, well-maintained, lush areas with street furniture.

Appointed by a National Arbitration Council comprising the Ministries of Environmental Change, Agricultural Policies and Tourism, the 32 rating criteria for this “quality mark” include hotels, public health services, information tourism, updated signage, and environmental education.

March explains the international volunteer charity, 16 blue flags (one new entry), Calabria 15 (two new entrances and one exit), Sardinia reaffirms 14 seats (with one new entry and exit). Abruzzo rises to 13 (three new inputs), Lazio reaches 11 (with two new municipalities). The 10 flags of the Trentino Aldo Adidas remain unchanged, with two new entries in Sicily 10 rooms, 9 flags of Veneto confirmed, as well as 7 cities of Emilia Romagna. Basilicota confirms its 5 locations; There are two releases that receive 2 flags in Piedmont; Friuli Venice Giulia confirms the previous year’s 2. The Molise 1 is with the flag, and the Lombardy 1 is the blue flag.

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The 81 landings provided demonstrate that “the tourist ports have integrated the choices of sustainability carried out, responding to the planned requirements for international work and ensuring the quality and quantity of services provided with full environmental compatibility”.