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Sheila and Luna are ready to shake up the soap plot.  Here because

Sheila and Luna are ready to shake up the soap plot. Here because

The upcoming US episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful are going to be exciting. Sheila and Luna will be the heroes of new plots that will shake up soap plots. Let's find out how.

in Upcoming American episodes to Beautiful, Thomas and Hope are leaving the place -For a few moments- Sheila or Luna. the framework from soap They will negotiate Great news related to these characters. Secrets and unexpected potential returns, they will hold court at Forrester's house and several cases will come to a head. Let's find out what happens.

American The Bold and the Beautiful Preview: Luna fears Belle is her father

Let's start with Luna and the relationship between Belle and Poppy. the American preview to Beautiful They reveal it to us Luna will start to doubt Which His mother and Spencer are close Always this, a It's up to her to make it so. To put them there Flea in the ear Which The businessman might be his father, It was RJ. in Past episodes of soap Forrester comes to conclusions, with relevant hints, about the past of Lee's sister and Liam's father. The young man, after doing the math, did just that He warned his lover Which It's possible that Bill is the mystery man Which her mother got pregnant with. In fact, the two met twenty years ago at a concert and spent the night together. Luna never knew her father and never knew his name, so she could never rule out this shocking hypothesis.

The Beautiful American Previews: Luna and RJ investigate Belle

Luna had to take note that RJ's hypotheses are logical. Effective way His mother's reaction was very strange everyone'Meeting with BillAt first he denied knowing it and then remembered everything by magic. Something is not right. the Two boys decided to conduct a thorough investigation And in Upcoming episodes to Beautiful We'll see them standing at attention, Ready to find the truth. However, there is still something that does not add up.

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It's possible that Luna is Belle's daughter male Recent discussions between Bobby and me They might do that Hide another rich man – Plus Dollar Bill and Lee's chief doctor – who Penelope was going to talk to. It could be Finn's mother's hatred towards her sister and niece – which is certainly not responsible for her mother's liberal behaviour – Hide a secret And maybe a A very different father. There are many rich men who have been part of the plots of The Bold and the Beautiful. For now, we're ruling out Ridge, or rather we're hoping for it, but we can't rule out anyone else. We are sure that this discovery will catapult Luna high into the soap story, making her one of the undisputed champions of 2024.

American conspiracies and previews: Will Sheila hug her daughter Diana again?

New evil plans are on Sheila's way. in Our previous article We have you revealed that kimberlin browntranslated by Carter, in an Instagram post Explain that His character will soon have new plots And Put your hands in your hair. Among its possible news there could be a A completely unexpected return. Rumors are spreading on the Internet about The reappearance of Diana Carterthe Girl that It was the malignant red with Massimo Marrone. The girl must now be a few years younger than Hope and with her arrival she could change her mother's life forever. how? Is the girl crazy and a murderer like her mother, or will she be a sensible young woman ready to take revenge on her and thus ready to fire her?

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Beautiful Goes on the air Channel 5, From Monday to Saturday in Raw 13.45.