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September, the harbinger of autumn with alarming prospects. Latest Updates »

Weather: September, a harbinger of autumn with troubling prospects. Latest updates

September/Autumn OffersLess than a month to go September And at the beginning of the meteorological fall that could happen this year Different ususally.
According to the latest updates of European Center Based on ACCUWEATHERAnd the In fact, The Outlook – Perspectives for the first month autumn I alarming So much so that we may be facing an extreme season marked by a grave danger of placer phenomena.

But let’s move on in order by analyzing all the news to better understand the reasons for this first concerns analysis OFFICIAL OFFERS In light of the following FallAnd the trend leaves no room for doubt.

L ‘The summer of 2022 turns out to be really intense As for the temperatures, especially in the latter part of the season where they reached very high peaks, even impressive 50°C in Sicily Exacerbation of the problem of drought and fires in many of our regions, especially in the south.
To confirm all this, the first data arrived last July, The hottest score ever recorded on the planet.

This extreme heat, in addition to causing physical discomfort to people, also affects sea ​​temperatureWith values ​​already fetched 28/30°C In most basins: we are talking about an anomaly of about 4/5°C above the reference averages, as we can see from the attached map. All this results in one More potential energy is at stakeor that fuel necessary to develop extreme phenomena.
These conditions, for example, can lead to the development of Medican (or TLC), that’s kind of “Mediterranean hurricanes“, which is formed when the warm waters of the Mediterranean feed at low pressure and develop their characteristics from tropical storm. Although medication is often short-lived, it can lead to Heavy rain and strong winds up to 120 km / h.

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according to expectations AccuWeather Also, maximum attention should be paid to areas The northern center due to the serious risk of flooding. This period of the year is often rather sensitive due to the strong contrasts that arise between completely different air masses: the last heat on the one hand and the first cold rush from Northern Europe on the other. The history of the recent past is unfortunately full of sudden alluvial events that can cause Landslides, torrential rains, and severe thunderstorms. Once again, the surface water temperatures of our seas must be carefully monitored, which can provide the energy needed to develop massive amounts storm cells whose anticipation becomes possible after only a few days, especially with regard to the journey they are making.

Europe. Finally, taking a look at the rest of the continent, in the coming months, 1 to 3 . is expected Tropical Storms Reach the British Isles, northwest Spain and Portugal provoke Heavy rain and storm surges along the most vulnerable coasts.
Warm with temperatures well above average climates rather in Eastern Europe where an unusually difficult high pressure field would remain.

The seas are warmer than usual: up to 4-5°C above average The seas are warmer than usual: up to 4-5°C above average First offers for next September and fallFirst offers for next September and fall