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Sellano, the highest Tibetan bridge in Europe, opens.  “You walk for half an hour at 175 meters above sea level”-

Sellano, the highest Tibetan bridge in Europe, opens. “You walk for half an hour at 175 meters above sea level”-

The highest Tibetan bridge in Europe has one thousand and twenty-three steps. Further 500 meters long stopped in vacuum, in the majesty of the Valnerina sees the Viji river in a view unthinkable until a few years ago. In the presence of the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Reconstruction of the 2016 Earthquake, Guido Castelli, the ambitious engineering work, in a single span and in steel and wood, was launched today. It is located in Umbria in the historic center of CelanoHalfway between the towns of Foligno and Spoleto Connects the village of Sellano (Among the most beautiful villages in Italy) At Montesanto Castle Gives an unusual perspective.

– Tibetan bridge of Sellano in Perugino area

Technique, topographic gravity and the will to restart an area tested by the 2016 earthquakeThe new Sellano Tibetan Bridge has unique characteristics: built 175 meters above the valley floor (height difference between the two stations is 68 meters), It has a single spaced, continuous float (i.e. with emptiness under your feet, between one step and another) and requires a travel time of 30 to 45 minutes. It is enough to enjoy, especially standing on the pitches designed to enjoy the landscape, its entire considerable length: 517.5 meters, total protection.

– Tibetan Bridge of Sellano: Single span and uphill

For the route, helmet, harness with safety rope and gloves are provided. The cost of creating it? Almost 1.5 million euros were financed by Pnrr with funds dedicated to earthquake-affected areas in central Italy. “The bridge is a good example of the investment in revitalizing the territory on the tourism front – said Paola Agabiti, Regional Councilor of Umbrian Tourism -. The community has shown great attachment to the territory, despite being put to the test by the 2016 earthquake. Citizens and businesses continued to live and invest in their birthplace and residence, exhibiting strong resilience». Attilio Cupiotti, mayor of Sellano, underlined how the work was created “to restart the territory and avoid the demographic risk”. “The strategic objective of this work – said the mayor who wanted to thank the population of Sellano for believing in this race” during the ribbon cutting – is the development of a thematic tourism offer capable of extending the visitor's stay. The region by offering other places uncontaminated by mass tourism such as the small villages of Valnerina and the river Menotre, including Selano. The Tibetan Bridge system will provide employment with the possibility of opening new businesses».

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– Sky Bridge 721, in the Czech Republic

The Sky Bridge is second in length to 721, The longest suspension bridge in the world Opened on May 9, 2022 near the Czech Republic's tourist destination Dolny Morava (which spans 721 meters between two mountain ridges crossing the Mlýnické údolí valley at “only” 95 meters, another famous bridge, the 516 Arouca, Portugal516 meters long): Sellano Tibetan Bridge requires good courage and sense of adventure (Additional minimum height 120 cm) One-way from Sellano to Montessando (or vice versa) costs 25 euros and 35 euros for a return trip. Adrenaline and strong emotions are guaranteed.