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GDF seizes $ 20 million from DHL, no contribution to workers – Ultima Ora

. Colossus of logistics, for a fraudulent fraud in VAT.

During the investigation, “mere labor reservoirs” were created by brokerage firms and ‘fake’ cooperatives, i.e. logistics workers, intermediaries, among others, did not pay much.

The emergency arrest was signed by Paulo Story, a Milan lawyer for the department, led by Deputy Mauricio Romanelli during the GDF investigation. Basically, according to what has been reconstructed by the inquiries, the DHL Group has intermediaries with a federation led by various labor brokerage firms that have “mere labor reservoirs”.

With the false invoice allegedly provided by the companies for the benefit of the DHL, the latter would have reduced its costs while other companies would not have paid VAT and would not even have contributions for the porters working in the distributions on behalf of the DHL. The Emergency Seizure Verification (ANSA) ordered by the public prosecutor must be sent through the trial judge.

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