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Searching for anorexia, amnesia scandal: 10 years ago the golden lion was awarded to those who lifted it on stage, obese and had a laryngectomy.  A 25-year-old, 27-kg girl allowed herself to get killed to climb it

Searching for anorexia, amnesia scandal: 10 years ago the golden lion was awarded to those who lifted it on stage, obese and had a laryngectomy. A 25-year-old, 27-kg girl allowed herself to get killed to climb it

Today it causes scandal and outrage, but there was a time not so long ago when the Golden Lions for Lifetime Achievement was awarded to those who lifted anorexia sufferers on stage. And not only those, but also the fat actors with over two hundred pounds and laryngectomy. still seen echoindescribable casting For girls with anorexia on the TV show Mediaset That another “use” of girls with anorexia on stage comes back to memory, with no aim to provoke the problems of the disease. Let’s talk about Julius Caesar Organized by the company Societas Raffaello Sanzio In 1997 directed by Brothers Claudia And the Romeo CastellucciIt is his wife Kiara Guede. Cesena literally “cult” for more than thirty years in the panorama of experimentation and theatrical research, conceptually and politically untouchable, venerable With the unconditional faith of the Italian and international monetary world.

Few today remember a tragic event that affected the organization of that show. It wasSummer 1998 A 25-year-old girl from Bologna was found with skin and bones wrapped inside a small construction site on a city street, having disappeared several days ago. summoned Chiara Gentile, weighs 27 lbs. She had been suffering from anorexia for several years, an illness that forced her to be hospitalized and absent from the dams of Bologna where she graduated. She dreamed of being an actress. This is why she presented herself in casting de the storm of time secret theaterwhich is another important research company, is far from the practices Societies. Il Clandestino was looking for a young and tender girl to play the role of Ariel. Chiara was taken, but as soon as the preparatory work began, the then directors of the company began, Fiorenza Mini and Pietro Babina, noted that the girl showed signs of organic wasting, a serious problem of anorexia that she could not treat. Meanwhile, Dal Clandestino suggested to her that the theatrical form could not help her recover, so they replaced her with another actress and at the same time tried to be close to her, to help her, but those who lived the story closely in those days remember this. The girl was elusive, he was inclined to hide, to isolate himself.

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Gentili was later recruited by Societies to explain brutal in Julius Caesar. Suddenly the time of the international premiere in Holland and Chiara disappears. She was found dead, weighing 27 kilograms, at the end of the theater festival in Santarcangelo de Romagna. It is said in those days that the community was anxiously looking for Chiara, but the group had to leave for Nice, and from there they had to get to Avignon, where “Julius Caesar” would be performed at the theater festival. She left the plane without her, and the director of Raffaello Sanzio had to find another actress to take her place at the last minute.

From the very beginning of our Castellucci & Co. enthusiastic criticism, although Kiara and another girl with anorexia, a man weighing two hundred kilograms and another man without a throat, climbed on that stage. the correct Alessandra Galant Garonne, the founder of the historical theater school in Bologna, dared to lash out against those who decided to do the act of a sick girl, and were turned into that state. I didn’t know Chiara personally – then he told her Republic – But I can say that it is a crime to allow her to act in these circumstances. ” For the rest, only applause and praise, critics honored the “Visible Apocalypse” of the Cesena Theater Company.

The theater of society is conceptually related to a departure from the so-called “experimental centralism”, where the word tends to disappear to use, in fact, to the fullest extent of the axiom made by the actors. to be “just a body”. As the authoritative critic writes, Oliviero Ponte de Pino in Romeo Castellucci and Societas Raffaello Sanzio (Doppiozero): “In Julius Caesar (…) this characteristic of the actor is the subject of a complex satirical game with a pronounced Magrittian flavor: on the body of Cassius (in the second half played by an anorexic girl) is laid: “Ceci n’ est pas un acteur. The goal is to do this.End, in the most drastic way possible, with acting, in actingAnd again: “In the first half, Brutus and Cassio played two old men, in the second half they became anorexic girls,”Ultra-thin actresses, their thinness brings back the idea of ​​the frame“.

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It’s the same Castellucci, awarded in 2013 with Leone d’Oro in Venice Biennale to show some moral cruelty To pursue theatrical ideal. in E.Popia Dela powderAnd (Ubulibri), a playwright from Romania, who today often wrestles with the direction of Wagnerian opera, says: “Anorexia rejects food just as we lack script here.” A few lines later, remembering the other actress with anorexia on stage, she explains, “Some people ask me whether or not what we see is Christian. Perhaps I don’t know. But I may answer that she is Christian, playing the actress who is finally awakened by that prince’s kiss. Who chose her from among thousands, because in her eyes she is the most beautiful and the most roped, One step away from the skeletonIn short, the atmosphere on the Julius Caesar theater in 1997 is this. Not forgetting the patient the physical and psychological effort in the face of the long international theatrical tours demanded by society at that time, as in recent times. Although the theoretical / practical axiom today To replace the word with the body of the actor in the Societas community has now taken on less angry tones (just see “blasphemy” on the concept of the face in Son of God where the protagonist is an elderly person with dysentery and faeces can be seen without smelling) the question about the use of grimace girls with the disease who becomes passage To “become” an artist remains legal and up-to-date.