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Photo (from space) by Samantha Cristoforetti

Photo (from space) by Samantha Cristoforetti

The Italian astronaut ESA (European Space Agency) shows us the coast of northwestern Sicily in all its beauty, from Trapani to the Akkadian Islands: the shot goes crazy on social networks

The province of Trapani as we have never seen it before: from above …. (but very high). These are the photos taken by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti from space of the Italians AstroSamantha, who are making the rounds on the Internet and social networks.

In two photos from June 8, the European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut shows us the coast of northwestern Sicily in all its beauty. Trapani, the salt basins and their port, Eris, Marsala and the magnificent Stagnone are clearly visible. Once again unmistakable Mozia and Isola Longa, Bergé Airport. Once again, the Akkadian Islands, with the wonderful Favignana and Levanzo.

In the second image, there is a yellow circle to indicate the area where until 2010 there was a popular launch site for stratospheric balloons.

Samantha Cristoforetti, an all-Italian pride, has been aboard the International Space Station (ISS) since April and will remain there until mid-September on the Minerva mission.

As he often does during his missions, AstroSamantha (when he has the time) gives us great shots of Earth (with an eye to Italy) telling us from a different angle… “my place”, in fact.

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