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Sciortino (Avedisco): "Direct sales for businesses that come very close"

Sciortino (Avedisco): “Direct sales for businesses that come very close”

For the direct selling segment, 2021 closed as positively as it did in 2020. We’ve grown both in terms of turnover and in terms of headcount.. In particular, this last number is very important because it shows that it is a vital activity, and in fact many people are dealing with this business model.” To say it Giuliano Scortino, Secretary General of Avedisco, speaking at the 10th Direct Selling Forum promoted by Avedisco, the consumer service direct sales association. The event was hosted by the Information Building in Rome, which was titled: “Social Media and Social Selling: The Digital Evolution of Direct Selling”.

She is too long – confirms Sciortino – Percentage of women who count the sector because it is a very flexible activity. Many women who could not work after childbirth, or students, but also in general, people who lost their jobs found a new one.”

β€œIt is a cross-sectional business opportunity – he explains – is open to anyone, there are no barriers to entry, and this is also one of the forces of direct sales because it gives us the opportunity to present a concrete opportunity with the companies that are in the region. The Italians for many years have been developing their business in an ethical way.”

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