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"Saving on the municipal secretary and transferring 28 thousand euros to reduce citizens' bills"

“Saving on the municipal secretary and transferring 28 thousand euros to reduce citizens’ bills”

VODO DI CADORE – Dear billers, at the moment the municipality of Vodo di Cadore does not have to deal with the increase in costs by cutting some Services. But cherished energy affects everyone, so the administration of Domenico Belfi wasted no time in worrying about the difficulties of many families, already experienced by the epidemic. Here’s the facts, Mayor Belfi: “We didn’t cut anything out, we almost allotted it €28000 To face Dear Bills. The savings will come from giving up the appointment of a municipal secretary for the current year, where there is none, and from the fact that the post of head of the technical office will remain. vacant Until April 3. In fact, starting from the fourth day, the new technician will take over the service. ” In this series, if necessary, the administrative body continues to manage it in the best possible way, and also performs tasks that the mayor himself does not compete with but has been carrying out for some time due to the impossibility of You find These are the numbers that all municipalities are looking for desperately, but unfortunately without great results. The secretary This will be required for city council meetings in neighboring municipalities, which is in fact an almost chronic deficiency that many mayors must consider. In the meantime, we will do our best by saving the fee. Nice one these days Economie To use it in the best way: help those who are having difficulty. Once again, Mayor Vodou: “In any case, we have reduced the maintenance of municipal buildings and vehicles, while maintaining the proper functioning of nurseries and primary schools, which we believe constitute Necessary services for the Voodoo and Burka families.” Good relations of closeness also record the school administration, in Vodou also the pupils of Burka are studying. For some time now, the mayor of Voodoo has had to do his best to make up for the shortage of staff, so that the employee in The Technical Office It’s news. These are increasingly rare professional personalities that can be found in many, if not rare, competitions that do not bring the desired result. And so it continues to do The virtue of necessity And to carry out tasks that would not have been conceivable to entrust to others in the past, read the mayor, but these are the times and especially in the small administrative reality that we seek. And Domenico Belvi adds that it’s not certain it can’t get any worse: “We’re also evaluating Other initiatives It is carried out during the year if necessary. Therefore, we must do our best this year, as they say in terms, realizing, unfortunately, that there are much worse situations in the world.

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