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Cadastre and Succession, Here's the Web Simplified and Prepackaged

Cadastre and Succession, Here’s the Web Simplified and Prepackaged

The taxes Speed ​​up on digital. Besides the pre-filled VAT return which, as is well known, will start on July 1st, there are two important news for taxpayers. The first relates to a web service for pre-filling and sending cadastral applications that will allow citizens to access the cadastral database. It will be called “Voltura 2.0” and will allow, with a simple click, to change the intended use, to report a change in the apartment, and to indicate the door is open.

Taxes, 730 to Irpef up to vols: Here are all the deadlines for June and July. News and delays are on the way

Skip the line at the Revenue Agency

The financial machine will automatically add the cadastral parcel, section, missing reference, fill in the necessary fields to complete the application and close the file. All this can be done by staying quietly in front of your computer, thus skipping the lines at the revenue agency. The revolution will begin at the end of the year for all citizens, while for professionals I noticed in my head that the experiment should begin next month. In fact, a pilot plan to test a system will save time and money.

Tax, 730 after a month to avoid traffic congestion, new deadline and discounts

Another novelty concerns the announcement of the succession, which, in the plans of the director general of the agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, will also be almost ready. The mechanism, which will simplify often unpleasant procedures, will allow simply by typing the tax code of the deceased person, the automatic entry of a whole series of data into the possession of the IRS. By filling out the entire ad in advance. And make the most of the huge potential of databases that contain all the information about taxpayers.

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“It’s innovations – explains Ruffini, creator of pre-compiled documents and promoter of the digitization of our tax system – that will enter our daily lives, representing a path that can no longer be rethought.”

The simplification From obligations and digitization of services, is logic, contributes to more efficient state system and also has implications for tax compliance because in this way the taxpayer prefers correct behavior as well. A path that ultimately aims to make paying taxes particularly simple, eliminating a whole series of bureaucratic steps that slow down the fulfillment of taxpayer duties.

Moreover, in these difficult months due to the pandemic, the Revenue Agency has changed its look and profoundly reorganized itself to be more efficient in its relations with citizens. Not only by providing support to operators and companies affected by the crisis, a first of its kind, but by increasing “flexible” services via email and across the web. The disbursement of subsidies, among other things, made it possible to collect more data. In this context, digital areal transmission can also be beneficial to the lives of companies and commercial operators, preferring real-time adjustments and changes in intended use.

To help the financial system, the Treasury then wants to restart Redditometro, a mechanism that can, by entering people’s accounts, calculate the amount of expenditures, and track them back to their true contribution capacity. If this is incompatible with the standard of living, then the mechanism first leads to a comparison with the taxpayer, and then, perhaps, an assessment. The measure has not yet entered full eligibility, but a public consultation “dedicated to the most representative consumer associations” has been launched on the website of the Ministry of Economy, which by July 15 will have to give an opinion on the correctness of the provisions contained in the executive decree.

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income counter
Istat makes an important contribution to the composition of the Redditometro, which every two years, together with consumer associations, identifies items indicative of the ability to contribute, by analyzing significant samples of taxpayers, which are also differentiated according to family unit and geographical area. of affiliation. It is clearly up to the stereotypical government to step in given that the available databases allow, if appropriately crossed, a severe blow to evasion.

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