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Sanremo 2022 Festival in Danger: Heavy Indiscretion

Sanremo 2022 Festival in Danger: Heavy Indiscretion

The Sanremo Festival opens for next year, but there’s already a stray first that threatens to blow everything up.

the last one Sanremo Festival Looks like the last one with Amadeus To connect. In fact, the historical journalist of opinion He had hinted that he would stay at home the following year. However, this was not the case, on the contrary, his name is advancing rapidly, if not very quickly.

Sanremo 2021 (web source)

But Ariston, meanwhile, is trembling, because plans cannot be honored and above all there is a danger that the festival may suddenly jump out. The reasons for this stop? Let’s get acquainted with the situation that can lead to a strict decision.

Here’s what happens

In the past year, there have been many controversies about Choosing to hold the Sanremo Festival in the absence of the audience. Artists occupied the Ariston Theater and expected many guests but Completely empty audience, with Amadeus himself who was able to question his existence.

Indeed, according to the leader, a festival without an audience would not have made any sense. However, with the continuation of the health emergency, and the third wave that was slowly waning, the government considered it appropriate to ban the presence of citizens in the structure.

In short, a real mess, then a pitfall. Now what should we expect? This is the question many are asking themselves, with infections increasing on the peninsula and no vaxes staying vigil, always on the same line of thought.

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A calculated danger by the crowd

Sanremo 2021 (web source)
Sanremo 2021 (web source)

If the vaccination course has not been completed, it seems difficult to predict the audience’s attendance at Ariston. And who knows, maybe Amadeus himself could decide to abdicate, putting Ray in a serious predicament.

Without forgetting a lot of controversy about the injuries that occurred at the festival. remember how Along the same lines He was unable to actively participate in the demonstration. There is a lot of skepticism, and then looking at the variants that exist which are more aggressive than the current Covid and which of course raise the concern of nationality. We’ll see what happens and above all if the long-awaited festival continues next year or if a temporary suspension can indeed be made. all with The government that will have to rely on real hot potatoes.