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Russia denounces NASA: it all starts with a crisis of love, but the problem aboard Soyuz goes much further

Russia denounces NASA: it all starts with a crisis of love, but the problem aboard Soyuz goes much further

Once again we are talking about “space” tensions between the United States and Russia. Once again, the protagonist is the mission in which American astronaut Serena Unon Chancellor, convicted – according to the Russians – of destroying the Soyuz spacecraft during an emotional meltdown.

Serena Onion – Counselor

Do not tend to fade the tension between United States of America NS Russia. Specifically, we talk, again, about space and space agencies. On the one hand, Russian Roscosmos, on the other hand the American counterpart NASA. It seems that the Russians were going to denounce the Americans for turning back history By astronaut Serena Aunon ChancellorGuilty of irreparable damage to a spaceship Soyuz During “emotional breakdown“.

The cost of an emotional breakdown is high: this is the Russian accusation of Serena Onon Chancellor

As colleagues have repeatedly stated, the story about the American astronaut speaks of an emotional breakdown Because of a quarrel with his girlfriend Also on board the International Space Station. will Serena Onon – Consultant It would have returned prematurely to terrestrial soil, hence the lack of clarity in handling tasks on the International Space Station. This would lead to a A breach in the Russian spaceship, with consequences for the end of the mission in which you were involved.

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a drilling with drilling – This is the Russians’ accusation of the Russian cosmonaut – which would have provoked a Irreparable damage to the Soyuz spacecraft. Moscow talks aboutwobbly hand“Deserved, always in second place Roscosmos, to an emotional breakdown after a quarrel with a lover. Marks and scratches In the vicinity, they made the accused suspects, convincing them more and more of their own negligence Advisor.

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On the other hand, the United States denied all the accusations and spoke of “False attacks without any credibilityAccording to NASA That the Russians will only be one desperate for the culprit, guilty of damaging their spacecraft – it failed long before the mission. The reason why the Russians wanted to cover up their mistake. In short, a story with unclear connotations, but one that does not tend to fade and in which, sooner or later, you will see the culprit. Right now we’re on charges, but we’ll see.