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Rumors (crazy) from the top Mediaset - Libero Quotidiano

Rumors (crazy) from the top Mediaset – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

There is a rumor of a scoop all over the world from Channel 5 In the week of Christmas. “What we’ll see on Sunday, December 19, right after the climax release of Tg5 It will be a very loud moment of reflection on the big issues of the planet, but also on the problems of every family and the most vulnerable social groups, which come to the fore during the Christmas holidays ”: TvBlog, who is always well informed on the TV background. What will happen on Sunday? There is talk of a program created in collaboration between Canale 5 and Tg5 and will be broadcast on the first night of next Sunday, December 19, 2021.

But what is Canale 5 the world scoop that viewers will have to prepare for? Mediaset interview last year Pope Francesco In a special version of Tg5 that has spread around the world. Now, however, another big blow is expected. Which? unknown. Maximum confidentiality.

The Pope could return to speak of the poor, as he did a little on the occasion of his visit to Assisi. On that occasion, the pontiff wanted to remember Fiorito di San Francesco with these words: “He and Fra Maceo set out to reach France, but they brought no provisions. At a certain point They should have started asking for charity. Francesco went on one side and Fra Maceo on the other. But, as Fioretti tells, Francesco was small in stature and those who did not know him considered him a “vagrant”. Instead, fra Masseo was a “wonderful and handsome man”.

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Thus St. Francis was hardly able to gather a few pieces of stale and crusty bread, while Fra Maceio was gathering a few good pieces of bread. When the two found each other they sat on the ground and on a poor stone they gathered together. Seeing the pieces of bread the monk had collected, Francis said:Fra Maceo, we don’t deserve this great person treasureThe monk answered with astonishment: “Father Francis, how can we speak of a treasure where there is so much poverty and also the necessary things are missing?” Francis answered: “This is exactly what I consider a great treasure, for there is nothing, but what we have has been given by Providence. who gave us this bread.”

Pope Francis would always add a word during his visit to Assisi a month ago, “resistance”: “What is the meaning of resistance? Having the strength to go on in spite of everything. Resistance is not a passive act, on the contrary, it requires courage to embark on a new path with knowledge.” It will pay off.Resisting means finding reasons not to give up in the face of difficulties, knowing that we do not live them alone but together, and that only together we can overcome them.Resist any temptation to abandon yourself and fall into loneliness or grief.Resist the little wealth we may have. or big.” Phrases that are Still very present today.