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Goodbye to Puglia with Rocco Hunt


Last day of Apulia vacation for Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani. After the last night of Battiti Live, the couple celebrated the night away with a group of friends including Rocco Hunt. After Apulia, Tommaso Zorzi will move to Sicily.

Romantic week in Apulia From Tommaso Zorzi e Tommaso stanzani It came to an end. During the past few hours together at the property that hosted them, the couple decided to move into a hotel villa to make their stay even more special.

at night after beats NeighborhoodAnd the Tommaso e Tommaso They went to celebrate with a group of friends including Rocco ChaseI’m back at ten tablets From platinum greeted with I Men.

Tommaso and Tommaso: The Last Day in Puglia


The last hours in the territory of Apulia Tommaso Zorzi e Tommaso stanzani. After about a week, this romantic vacation ends, and to make the last day even more special, the couple moved into a beautiful villa on the property that hosted them throughout their stay.

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during the week, Tommaso stanzani was busy with beats NeighborhoodWhere he danced on different evenings on stage show music with the body From dance.

next to him, from behind the scenesAnd the Tommaso Zorzi He was always there to support him, never missing a moment of his performance.

Celebrations with Rocco Hunt

After the last evening beats NeighborhoodAnd the Tommaso Zorzi e Tommaso stanzani They went to party at a club with a group of friends including Rocco Chase.

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The singer appeared in various Instagram Stories Each of Tommaso Zorzi that of Tommaso stanzani With whom he seems to have established a beautiful friendship.

Rocco Chase He just came back from a teacher who is very important to him One step from the moonsang with I Men: The success of their first collaboration got The tenth disco From platinum.

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