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Report Cards Fiorentina – Torino 5-3 dcr: Delavalle, even the best make mistakes

Report Cards Fiorentina – Torino 5-3 dcr: Delavalle, even the best make mistakes

Roberto Ugliono Editor-in-Chief of the Youth Sector

4 April 2024 (changed 5 April 2024 | 00:14)

The votes of the people of Scurto after losing the Italian Cup final to Viola

Abate Super for 120 minutes and Delavalle's tremendous even the penalty shootout was not enough, Fiorentina wins the Italian Primavera Cup over Torino on penalties. Among the Granata players, Abate's saves and Delavalle's excellent game stand out. Only the two of them were perfect for 120 minutes, the first was unable to save the penalty kicks taken by the Viola players and the second was the only one who committed a foul from eleven metres. However, this does not detract from their excellent race.

Dilutes 7: (Her words here) Exceptional in the 18th minute against Fortini, and in the 43rd minute he outdid himself even more against Braschi. In the middle there is only a slight slip, which he then has to discover for himself. He also proved that he was at the top of his game in the second half when he blocked a free kick from Robinho at the beginning of the second half. Then in the 68th minute he did something meaningless to Braschi: now in the fall he managed to block a shot that was actually his fault. In the penalty shootout he failed to do so.

Delaval 7Fiorentina always tries to hit balls behind the defense line. He stays away from observation to read the opponent’s movements and approach. In the 60th minute, Ola came close to scoring with a header, but Biagetti stopped the ball on the goal line and then sent it with his head towards Sava, who did not take advantage of the opportunity. Play the game like a real leader as always. The missed penalty kick in the end does not affect his judgement. He should be proud of everything he has done and is doing.

Mendes 6: He follows Rubino as a man throughout the game and limits him as much as possible. He's hard to beat, as he manages to fix things many times even if he's not seen much. Fiorentina always tries to exploit the void behind them without doing so.

Bayanay Balkot 6: Starts well on the left lane, and immediately wins a free kick. Viola then starts pressing her side with Signe, who is quick and alarms him several times. He improved in the second half, closing several times on the Viola 9, but at the end of the 90 minutes he cramped up.

Silva 6.5: He starts out quietly, but then he gains confidence. When he plays, the team creates interesting situations. In the 41st minute, he got the ball to open the scoring, but Tognetti's missed exit deceived him. In the second half, he changed the game and Toro's game improved. He keeps the team moving and often puts himself first.

Russell 5.5: He suffers in midfield, but also because of mistakes that are not his. Fiorentina knows how to exploit spaces and always tries to put a patch on them, but that is not enough. The yellow one weighs a lot and given the imperfect condition, Scurto prefers to replace it at half-time. (46' from old 6: He's fine, that's clear. He enters the field with the right attitude and gives greater dynamism in the midfield. In the 75th minute, he adapts well and shoots, but the crossbar tells him no. At the end of extra time, he has the ball to score the winning goal, but he also shoots down the middle.)

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Simamaglicella 6: His first shot in the match, but he did not find the target. He runs a lot in the non-possession phase to make the Viola's non-possession phase difficult, he sacrifices himself and uses a lot of energy. In the second half, when the team can create more, they also get more into the action. (80' Persion6: He enters and approaches scoring by returning from the right side, but the ball barely comes out. At the start of the first half of extra time, he tried to take a very tight free kick, but it didn't find the goal.)

Sava 6: Back in the spring. Fiorentina draws a cage around it. He was decisive in the first half, in the 37th minute, when he succeeded in stopping a Viola counterattack with a “toro-like” retreat. Shortly afterward, he passed the ball to Silva, who did not score. He also started well in the second half, when he looked for a shot from the outside, but it was deep and Tognetti sent it into the corner. His growth is consistent throughout the match and he also gives good ideas in the attacking phase. When he bets, a man often makes a mistake. (112'Akar SV).

Badulla 5.5: He has a few playable balls at the start of the match. Then in the 33rd minute he did well to get the ball back and made a valuable mistake at the limit. The Viola's two central defenders close it down very well. In the 63rd minute he got the ball to break the deadlock, but shot with little force and blocked Tognetti. (80' Gabellini 6: Fights for every ball, targets the man bravely and also works well with his back to goal).

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Survive 5.5: She's not the usual Neji. Fiorentina closed him down well and struggled to find space. At the beginning of the second half, he found more space, but faced difficulties in making an impact. With Sava out, he is moved to the right. His best chance is at the end of the race when he is going fast, but is stopped by two contacts, yet they were not mistakes according to the race director.

everyone. Scorto 6It is difficult to criticize his team, Toro, who in the first half seemed to be using the handbrake due to tension, while in the second half his team became more powerful and dangerous. The game shines intermittently, but that's understandable. In the end, his boys truly deserved this trophy, which came to a halt on the goal line when Delavalle's header was blocked by Biagetti and hit the crossbar from Dalla Vecchia. Within two years his team reached the Italian League semi-finals and the Italian Cup final, in addition to bringing players into the first team. The tournament is not over yet and Team Granata can get their satisfaction.

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