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Unemployed Narrators, Rotice's "Democratic Creeping Progressive Response"

Unemployed Narrators, Rotice’s “Democratic Creeping Progressive Response”

Manfredonia (Fogia), 10/06/2021 – “As usual” when a wise man points to the moon, a fool looks at his finger. I’m referring to the reckless response to progressive dim for my suggestion Giving priority to unemployed citizens Regarding the appointment of cashiers of the upcoming elections. They assure that the lot has always been made; Yes, but in what ways? It appears to have happened “without divisions”. In 2015 (according to the March 21, 2016 memorandum issued by PD City Secretary Giuseppe Trotta) and for the regional districts last year.

Engineer Gianni Rutis, Mayor of Manfredonia

Numerous testimonies from citizens, even on social media, complaining about the lack of transparency On this procedure it was revealed by the repetition of names.

Cards in hand, is the repetition of names on those rolls during all these election years just a coincidence?

We begin to give a strong and immediate signal regarding a certain logic of the past that is not transparent and equitable. Are we the people of words or words? Democratic Progressives have not responded to the merits: they want to marry this just cause of our citizens (swipe among the members of the special registry to check which unemployment/unemployment status is prioritized) or prefer to just throw it around the futile political debate of the opposition between the center-right and the center-left, continuing to Leopardian position? “.

bring it back Gianni Rutis – Candidate for Mayor of Manfredonia.

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