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Redemption, sub-contract raised to 50% green disk for major works

Redemption, sub-contract raised to 50% green disk for major works

A compromise must gradually progress to the tough threshold Subcontract (This is only temporarily raised to 50 per cent), however, introduces more guarantees and restrictions to protect workers and counter potential intrusion by organized crime. By finally resolving the complex knot, the government was able to approve yesterday, by the end of the month, a mandate law with the necessary simplifications for investments. Recovery plan, And the management system that manages the project.

Two requirements
As already pointed out by Palazzo Ciki, the manager had to balance several requirements: to develop rules capable of expediting the work as much as possible, with the absolute need to respect the intermediate and final times for realizing the works inserted. National Recovery and Recession Program; Adherence to EU signs that do not want strict limits on the implementation of the sub-agreement; Finally the policy of not going into conflict with the unions and a section of the majority. Already in recent days, the maximum discount criterion for tenders has been abolished compared to what was predicted in the first drafts of the arrangement (which, in fact, is not what the unions, manufacturers and even the business world want).

In the case of a subcontract, the starting point of the discussion is a possible extension of the provision that subcontracts should not exceed 40 per cent of the total contract amount, on a temporary basis. After a day-long technical discussion and new contacts with community partners, the Cabinet met at 6pm to review a mediation speech.

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The ceiling on the size of the subcontract will be raised to 50 per cent by October 3, depending on the total value of the contract. At the same time, the existing rules are strengthened: the contract – under zero penalty – can not be changed or the services can not be fully handed over to a third party, except for the possibility of a subcontract, while the subcontractor must guarantee that with the application of the same employment contract, the contract and the payment of wages to workers less than they received .

From next November 1, the 50 per cent ceiling will be raised and more shares will come into effect. In particular, contracting authorities (or administrations or organizations that provide works) will specify in advance in the tender documents the services to be performed directly by the contractor; Regarding the specifications of the contract and certain requirements such as strengthening regulations on construction sites, guaranteeing the health and safety of workers and preventing criminal intrusion. For this reason, the opinion of the provinces may also be sought. Also – this is a very important point – the main contractor’s joint and sub-contractor towards multiple liability and contracting authority have been established.

The final version was decided in favor by the unions, with CGIL Landini’s secretary speaking of a “positive outcome” citing guarantees for workers and specific restrictions based on legal respect. The voice of the Minister of Health received praise from the left of the majority, but Labor Minister Orlando and other representatives of the Democrats also highlighted the need for conflict with social partners. The league, on the other hand, underscores the importance of another innovation, raising the thresholds for direct awarding of contracts.

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