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Car Maintenance This oil will break your car’s engine: Always look for this writing |  If it isn't there, throw it away immediately

Car Maintenance This oil will break your car’s engine: Always look for this writing | If it isn't there, throw it away immediately

Engine oil, without these writings the car will be destroyed

Be careful about the oil you choose because it can literally destroy your engine. Look for these writings or throw them away.

We often talk about engine oil, but do we really know what it is used for in a car? Motor oil is a fluid used to lubricate all of your engine's mechanical components and keep them clean, ensuring it always gets maximum performance.

Without oil, all the moving parts, and therefore the pistons and cylinders, will deteriorate over time to the point of causing extensive and very expensive damage to the engine.

Replacing engine oil is very easy, but motorists often make a fatal mistake: they do not check the presence of some basic writing, which ultimately leads to the destruction of the car.

If you also change your car's oil yourself, now is the time to start Look for these written specifications to avoid occasional irreparable problems.

Damage of faulty oil

Choosing the right oil for our car is not easy: given its fundamental role, it must be the absolute best for the engine. In addition to wearing out components and causing problems that are difficult to repair, faulty engine oil can also occur Particulate filter cloggedThis causes increased pressure in the exhaust system, leading to damage.

The right oil should not be too thick or too thin, otherwise The car is in great danger. There is no best oil for everyone: each of them has certain characteristics that make it suitable for one car or another. Therefore, it is necessary to understand which engine oil is suitable for our car Avoid damage. but how? To choose it, just check the specific writings.

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engine oil
Always check the markings on engine oil

How to choose the right engine oil

Not all oils are the same and you need to choose the best one for your car. Be wary of those who always recommend only one type of oil: The rating should be changed based on various factors. First of all, the choice of oil depends on the season you are in: in winter, it is advisable to choose a synthetic oil, designed to have a lower freezing point. To understand whether what we are about to buy is suitable, we need to check for the presence of the abbreviation “W” under the SAE sign.

It is also very important to check the intended use of the oil, i.e. whether it is intended for petrol or diesel vehicles, and this can be understood by checking the API indication which can be “S” for spark ignition, suitable for petrol engines, or “C”. For compression ignition, best for diesel engines. At first glance it may seem difficult to choose the best engine oil, but you can find all the necessary information on the Internet to navigate this jungle of shortcuts. Next time you buy oil for your car, do your homework first.