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Notice a solar glow that surprised everyone

The sun as we all know is our star that lights up the sky of our planet and whose activity has been monitored by NASA scientists for decades, according to the latest analyzes, however, in the recent period, the yellow giant has been particularly turbulent, perhaps due to of the new cycle that will continue until 2030 .

To confirm the increased activity, we have many sunspots, an activity that, while very cool in itself, can also cause some electromagnetic problems for the Earth, causing various interruptions to the signal, which can also affect the astronauts on the space station International and various satellites in orbit.

Exceptional solar glow

Despite already known solar hyperactivity, the solar flare observed and recorded (and photographed) by della NASA Solar Dynamics ObservatoryIn detail, a radioactive explosion occurred at about 5.56 million degrees Celsius X1.5 . class, and therefore belong to the more severe ignition family.

The non-beginners are divided into 5 classes: A, B, C, M, X, each with 9 subclasses of intensity, each class 10 times stronger than the previous one, for both classes and subclasses, to give you an example, class B Ten times more powerful than Class A and X2 is ten times more powerful than X1.

So the X1.5 glow has been one of the most powerful devices in recent years even though it is not at the level of X9.3 recorded in 2017, which caused many problems on Earth due to electromagnetic waves.