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New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern announces more restrictions and postpones the wedding: 'I join many others in the same situation'

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern announces more restrictions and postpones the wedding: ‘I join many others in the same situation’

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern The wedding was postponed after new restrictions against Covid-19 were announced. Measures were introduced after discovering Nine cases from the variable Omicron In one family she flew to Auckland to attend a wedding. The prime minister raised the alert level to red, which includes reinforced measures such as the obligation to wear a mask and limits on gatherings. The restrictions will take effect on Monday. However, Ardern stressed that “red is not a closure”, and businesses can remain open, just as people can still visit family and friends and move freely around the country.

“I know hearing these kinds of numbers will sound very disturbing to people. We will do everything we can to slow the spread and reduce the number of cases. Our plan for Omicron case management remains in the initial stage as it is for file management deltaWe will test, contact, quickly contact, trace and isolate cases in order to slow the spread,” Ardern told reporters. The 41-year-old was planning to get married next weekend: “I join many other New Zealanders who have had this experience because of the pandemic and whatever Whoever was involved in this scenario, I’m so sorry,” she said.

New Zealand was among the few remaining countries to avoid an outbreak of the Omicron variant, but last week Ardern acknowledged that an outbreak was inevitable given the variant’s high transmissibility. The country has managed to contain the delta spread, averaging about 20 new cases each day. about the 93% of New Zealanders 12 years of age or older and Fully vaccinated and 52% received a booster dose. Additionally, vaccinations for children ages 5 to 11 have just begun.

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