“I wish Elon Musk had to tweet a thousand times: I will never use graphics again Milo Manara without permission. I will never use Milo Manara’s graphics again without permission. I will never use him again… What if I sue him, asking him for $44 billion in damages? So I can buy back Twitter and hand it over to someone else! “

Thus the great illustrator Milo Manara, the original author of the table has used – obviously without permission – before Elon Musk In one of his tweets, as is often the case lately, a little higher. In a post on Facebook, the author of several comic book masterpieces responded to Musk with a provocation, also translated into English.

Within a few hours, Musk’s re-released lighthouse sketch became one of the most retweeted and shared memes on social media, apparently starting from Twitter. In the work we see a very sensual female figure and a monk beside her who does not know if she is disturbed or not, so that all who look at her remain trapped in the charm of the mystery. Musk had titled it “And Lead Us Not Into Temptation,” a direct invitation to him Donald Trump To post the first “tweet” after rehabilitating the bird on the social network: According to some interpretations, Musk wanted to indicate that the former president is struggling to get away from Twitter. So far, The Donald seems intent on staying on his Truth Social, where he has 4.61 million followers; However, he gave up his 87.5 million followers on his Twitter account, which remains inactive until now.

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