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If you smell this smell while leaving the car, stop immediately and call the mechanic I and here's why

If you smell this smell while leaving the car, stop immediately and call the mechanic I and here’s why

Pay attention to some signs your car is hiding serious problems and should be investigated: If you smell such a smell, stop and call emergency services so as not to endanger the car.

when driving Disadvantages There are many of them and often not everyone knows whether the problem is serious or not: Act immediately Without prejudice to the situation is the first step to saving the car without exacerbating the situation or causing damage.

Broken car driver –

In the event that they meet Problems starting the car, the reasons are really many and often unsolvable in a short time. The problem can definitely be related to bicycle Of the goodwill that may result Consistsbanned and hacked.

It is often the cause low batteryeven if it works sometimes then the problem is centered on the engine itself. Try to drive the car in a lower gear And if you hear a metallic noise and the car starts up, you’re on horseback, otherwise it’s necessary Contact the right personWe don’t trust DIY much unless we’re sure of what we’re doing.

Also pay attention to Gasoline car, it could be a flood To cause misfire: This can often happen with this fuel in which case it is necessary to check thatpower supply It should not be repaired, as it often causes problems. Always contact authorized centers if the problem persists.

Smell of burning when leaving: be very careful

If you smell a strong burning smell when you start your car, stop immediately And investigate it firmly. It may be one of the reasons for this smell Engine oil leak on the drain line or a short circuit.

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In either case, it is absolutely necessary that you contact a specialist and specialistCertified workshop for checks and repairs. This is the most secure and recommended solution for Avoid making the situation worse Increased damage to the car and engine.

The smell of a burning engine –

Another issue to watch out for is location On diesel cars, the starter motor does not spin properly. This discomfort is often caused by a malfunction of the urethra glow plugs Or who filter from clogged fuel. Here we return to the fundamental importance of the individual Correct and periodic maintenance The car and all its components to avoid the accumulation of dirt and residues inside sensitive and important parts.