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Meloni defends himself: “Health is the priority, and it is short-sighted to judge only money.”  Schlein: “Without resources?  mockery”

Meloni defends himself: “Health is the priority, and it is short-sighted to judge only money.” Schlein: “Without resources? mockery”

“The margins for maneuver are also limited by the legacy of very short-term politics. We will not give up on dealing with health, resourcing healthcare workers and reducing waiting lists.” Georgia Melonito Regions Festival in Turin, repeats the government line. “We need to work step by step,” he adds. “The advantage we have is the horizon of the legislature. We cannot do everything right away but interventions can be scheduled.” An effective healthcare system is everyone’s goal, he adds, but it is “short-term.” “In an in-depth discussion that focuses entirely on resources, we need a ‘deeper approach’, while also thinking about how resources are spent. “Spending more is not necessarily enough” if resources are spent inefficiently. Meloni then called on “everyone” to debate “with courage, sincerity and truth about how resources are spent.”

He answers Eli Shlain: “Georgia Meloni, instead of making amends on planned health care cuts, continues to mock people, including those who elected her,” Democratic Party secretary says to Republic – Saying that health care is a priority but commitment is not measured by the money available is one insult after another. We call on this government to invest the necessary funds. This maneuver puts the “NHS on the brink,” not the Democratic Party, but the independent Gympie Foundation. “If President Meloni believes she can continue to govern through propaganda without protecting the NHS, she will find strong opposition without compromise.”

Schillaci to conservatives: “We need to crack down on token operators”

By Andrea Gatta, Sarah Stribpoli

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The “strategic options” for the maneuver are “support”, that is, “support”. Income, health care, Families who bring children into the world and if we can strengthen the lowest pensions” with the aim of taking “every year a step forward on the strategy that we have given ourselves” in order to “respect the program that the Italians voted on step by step”. “Above all – he comments – our goal is to make This nation is stronger in the most difficult period in the history of the Republic.”

“We have to be able to spend all our resources as best we can Pnrr Resources, because we don’t have much, because there are many things to do and it is important that we all work together. We must all run, run, run together,” urges the Prime Minister.

“We have just agreed to the Nadif as we write the budget law” and “the room for maneuver is limited” also because of the “legacy” gathered from “a policy that was too short-horizon” and which “sometimes favored the alternative” of easier choices to those more dictated by reason. ”

“Even in the many divisions that this nation always loves to highlight, we all remember that we all win and lose together. It is necessary to make appropriate structural interventions so that we do not hand over the keys of our production system to third countries.” Meloni adds, quoting the governor’s words Massimiliano Fedriga.

“The Mattei Plan for Africa is an Italian strategic project in which we aim to involve Europe above all, and we are developing it, and we will present it to Parliament” and “we will ask everyone to participate in it,” the Prime Minister continues. letter.

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“Cooperation between the state and the regions is important, and I believe that sincere cooperation between different levels is an indispensable prerequisite for providing concrete answers, which is what we all have a responsibility to do – says Meloni – I believe that sincere cooperation must take care of the local community.” The overall strategy is not just about “allocating resources”, it works if we all go in the same direction, and if we can understand our nation’s role in the world, a question “which Italy has not always been able to answer”. .

On the sidelines of her speech, while looking at Piedmont, Meloni responded to reporters: “President Sirio “He worked excellently. When the regional championship table starts, we will make the decision.”