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Math test, can you give the correct answer in one minute?  Only real phenomena can do this

Math test, can you give the correct answer in one minute? Only real phenomena can do this

Here is a math test designed specifically for those who want to test themselves. If you respond in a very short time you are truly visible!

How can a person understand if he has a logical-mathematical mind? If she thinks using the rules of logic, creativity, and acumen, she has a high degree of problem solving. In addition to He is unbeatable at card games and casinos Where calculation and intuition must beat the clock and anticipate the opponent’s moves.

The profession they practice is that of mathematician, chemist, scientist, engineer and craftsman as well. Those with this mindset tend to train daily so as not to lose their flexibility Thus increasing IQ.

on Internet There are many games in magazines that can help in this endeavor. You need to get the right stimuli from the outside to avoid the daily routine and fixed situation from every point of view. This “training” is especially useful for those who have to do it Quizzes Quiz based on logic.

Precisely for this reason, you just have to browse the web until you can find it A math test that may seem very difficult. There are those who give up without making any effort, and there are those who want to succeed no matter the cost. Here’s what it consists of.

Unimaginable numerical operations, mathematical tests only for the best

Math tests They put your logical skills to the test Because you have to deal with a series of calculations. The featured character in the article (the scientist, whom you may vaguely remember Albert Einstein(with a blackboard behind him) suggests these numerical additions:

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3+4+5= 15

4+5+6= 19


At first glance it may seem like an impossible task. The test consists of finding the solution in just one minute. Didn’t arrive on time? Here’s the answer that’s sure to satisfy the curiosity of even the most stubborn of people.

Mathematics –

The answer will shock you: a number that is difficult to determine

The answer is none other than the number 31! What do you get? Here’s the step-by-step logic: If you add the numbers of the first sequence (2+3+4) you get 9. Now what do you do? Add 9 to the first number in the sequence, so 9+2=11. The same should be done for the others:

3+4+5= 12+3= 15



As you can see, it is not at all easy to understand the operations that need to be performed. If you succeed, you confirm that you are a genius. If not, you tried and that’s what matters. Never throw in the towel, but always try!

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