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Mars as you've never seen it before: breathtaking high-definition video

Mars as you've never seen it before: breathtaking high-definition video

In fact, there are a lot of high-resolution images used to create this stunning video of Mars. Martian soil is breathtaking

Footage has been obtained Compilation of images taken by rovers sent to Mars And those who tilled its land: the spirit, an opportunityCuriosity and perseverance. Contrary to what the commentator in this video says ElderFox Documentaries It's not the first 4K footage of Martian soil. Thanks to camera movement simulated in post-production, The acting is very close to the score of a video actually recorded on Mars. There is a specific reason why we have never received footage of Mars directly from spacecraft.

Why don't spacecraft send live video back to Earth?

A panorama of Mars taken from the rover curiousity. Credit: NASA

Curiosity can send data directly to Earth at only 32 kilobits per second. When connected to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which orbits Mars, it can transmit data to the spacecraft at a rate of 2 MB/s but only for 8 minutes every Martian day. In either case, it will take a long time to send an HD video. At NASA they prefer to receive images anyway, Because there are more of them for the same data sent. Furthermore, Martian soil is almost immobileVideo recorded directly from Mars will not make much difference and will be of lower resolution.


To create these overviews of the Martian landscape, ElderFox Documentaries used individual images from the rovers stitched together to recreate a larger area, Including the largest ever obtained consisting of 1000 images Captured by Curiosity between November 24 and December 1, 2019. 1.8 billion pixel image. Here is the video:

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