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Maneuvering and taxing home delivery is also on the table

Maneuvering and taxing home delivery is also on the table

roofsingle rate The VAT figures applicable to the self-employed will rise from the current 65 thousand and 85 thousand euros. This was confirmed during the meeting on the maneuver at Palazzo Chigi. While about one billion will be allocated for measures in favor of the family.

Abolition of value added tax on bread, pasta and milk. The Meloni executive will also evaluate the reduction or elimination for one year of value-added tax on bread, pasta and milk and reduce the value-added tax to 5% on personal hygiene products for children and women, namely sanitary towels.

one check – The maneuver can also interfere with the mechanics of the individual check. Among the premises, there is also a doubling from 100 to 200 euros of the fixed increase in the universal contribution for families with four or more children and an additional 100 euros for families with twin children, up to the age of three. The increase will be entered from 2023.

Forza Italia is still pressing for a minimum pension: the parent company of Montecitorio Cattaneo has confirmed that the money (it will be 2 billion) is “found”.

Volumes less than one thousand euros: extracts or reduced amount – Complete removal of files with a value of less than one thousand euros or a reduced payment without penalties. This will be the trend. During the majority meeting, the intention of a “very generous” gesture on this front was highlighted, also because, as he explained, it would be much more expensive to collect. Folders have more than a thousand ways
Instead, it will be decided to reduce penalties and interest to 5% and pay in installments over five years. However, the hypothesis of a tax shelter for the return of capital from abroad. In fact, the discussion of the maneuver could have brought out the knot of capital return abroad: a measure that is heading towards a halt and the intention to start thinking about the tools for the removal of unspoken capital.

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energy Still the chapter that drains the most resources, committing more than 21 billion of the total should be about 30. The government wants to speed up and has pledged to bring
A maneuver in the cabinet on Monday (but it is not excluded that we will go to Tuesday). The Prime Minister brought together the leaders of the majority group, Deputy Prime Ministers and Minister of Economy Giorgetti.

The revision of the citizen’s income (with emphasis on limiting it to residents of Italy) can ensure that the pension file is covered, and other resources are expected from the reorganization of additional earnings, with
An account based on earnings and tax of at least 33%.

Giorgetti: “a wise maneuver, I trust the political forces” – “It was a preliminary meeting, it represented a framework of prudence and I am confident that responsible political forces will support this approach.” Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti announced this in a note at the end of the meeting in Palazzo Chigi on the Maneuver. The minister did not touch on individual measures, but emphasized that he was “very determined to keep the bar straight”.
With some priorities: supporting the most vulnerable groups and companies that have to deal with the energy crisis at this point.”

‘Take the tax wedge to 3%’ – For Giorgetti the priority is to “raise the tax wedge to 3%”. Other goals are to “better support the family and birth rate, and to increase existing tax credit thresholds from 30 to 35%”.