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Lamezia, students of the “Galilei” secondary school visit the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Lenaro

Lamezia Terme – An important experiment, the one that some final year students of the Galileo Galilei Scientific Secondary School, at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Legnaro, in the province of Padua, had on Friday, November 18th. A visit consistent with the school’s mission, commissioned by the High School Principal, Teresa Goffredo, in which field trips and educational excursions are grafted onto a path of educational and educational innovation, as well as cultural growth. Ciceroni who led 51 Galilei students, in the large rooms of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, including four National Research Laboratories for Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics and Nuclear Technological Applications, were nuclear physicist Marco Cinausero and Stefania Canella, mechanical engineer. High school students thus saw incredibly powerful machines in action, capable of reproducing an enormous amount of experimental phenomena and data, and understood, thanks to INFN experts’ rich explanations, how nature works at its most basic level and how nuclear physics has identified quarks and leptons as the building blocks of matter. This is how Francesca Mascaro from the VE class commented on the experience she had just had: “The possibility of visiting some INFN laboratories, seeing the machinery used daily in these structures, such as accelerators and detectors, and listening to detailed explanations of nuclear chemistry, made us feel the importance that has It has the study of the smallest particles of the universe in our daily life. A unique experience that will surely help us better understand how to continue our studies.” The students were accompanied by the two teachers, Lina Bagnato and Myriam Rocca.

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