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LIVE F1 GP Russia, free live practice: real-time standings

LIVE F1 GP Russia, free live practice: real-time standings

F1 GP Russia, FREE practice on Friday 24th September LIVE with real-time updates on positions and standings

Valtteri Bottas (Getty Images)

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The second free training session is set at 2 pm.

Chess flag! Valtteri Bottas bone fast With a time of 1:34.427 in the first free practice session, he closed in to teammate Lewis Hamilton, two dozen behind. third site for VerstappenAnd Then Leclerc’s Ferrari. Fifth Vettel, then Jalsi and Sainz. Norris, Perez and Alonso closed the top ten.

11.25: Red Paul Verstappen in the pits with the mechanics busy dismantling the car. Possible change of the power unit at number 33.

11.20: There are 10 minutes to the end of free practice. Good racing speed for Ferrari Leclerc.

11.15: The second set of soft tires for Verstappen who put Red Bull Twenty from Bottas but in third place.

11.10: No improvement on the part of the riders who focus primarily on race speed.

11.03: Red tires also for Sainz with the Spaniard in sixth place with a time of 1: 35.811.

11.00: The first half an hour of free practice has passed: Bottas is in the lead, ahead of Hamilton and Leclerc, Verstappen’s fourth. After Gasly, Norris, Alps with Alonso in front of Ocon; Vettel and Ricciardo closed the top ten. Sainz is in eleventh place.

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10.58: Hamilton’s second, also with the softest tire compound: 1.34:638. Leclerc’s third, six-tenths of the Finn.

10.55: Valtteri Bottas, great time with the red tire: 1:34.427.

10.53: Verstappen, Bottas and Hamilton – the top three – right now in the tire-changing pit. Leclerc IV.

10.49: Sharp by Max Verstappen who sets the clock 1:36.055 on soft tyres.

10.46: The first timed lap for Verstappen, who put himself on a red tire in fourth place behind the Mercedes and Leclerc.

10.45: Leclerc in the pits who identified a problem with his Ferrari.

10.44: Mercedes is in the lead. 1:36.412 is Valtteri Bottas’ time on hard tires. Leclerc, second, has the red, soft tyres.

10.38: Leclerc’s car is really running right now: 1:36.708 and 1st. Bottas is late in 1:37.147.

10.35: Hamilton immediately sets up an excellent lap and takes first: 1:38.373.

10.34: The first two Ferraris are in the lead, with Leclerc ahead of Sainz.

10.30: green light, I started my first free training session. Sainz first on the track.

The Formula 1 may put behind Italian GP With a relative controversy due to the incident between Hamilton and Verstappen still causing its repercussions, the Dutchman will serve three penalty spots on the starting grid. Back on track in Sochi Russian GPFifteenth appointment Global 2021.

the above and the Leader World Cup five points behind World Champion In office he promised to be a major battle between the two, with increasingly duel. Rain could be one of the expected differentiating factors on the track Sochi Throughout the weekend.

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Great curiosity too Ferrari, who gave timid vital signs at Monza with fourth place Leclerc. Related Status Verstappen, with Red Bull that could decide to change the power unit of its car with an inevitable penalty. Changing that, on the other hand, has already been made for Leclerc’s Ferrari, with Monegasque starting at the bottom of the grid.

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F1 GP Russia, precedent for 2020

in a 2020 The Russian GP It was held on September 27, for the 10th round of the World Championships which was severely affected by Covid. in Sochi 12 months ago that it Valtteri Bottas his mercedes victory, crossing the line in front of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, penalized 10″ for a foul at the start. The first Ferrari, Charles Leclerc, finished only sixth, while Sebastian Vettel closed in only thirteenth, but doubled.