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Ecco dove di preciso andremo a cercare l'acqua sulla Luna

ASI, ESA, SpaceX and NASA together to find water on the moon

It could be news in the news, because really not everyone realizes that, yeah, we’re really going to look water on the moon. It can be just as surprising Reason: Why would we invest time and resources in the hope of finding, on our own satellite, something that we would greatly save on Earth?

So, that’s all you need to know snakeThis is the name of the mission, and the latest research development is definitely expected arousing.

What is the mission to search for water on the moon and what is the snake

abbreviation for Volatile Materials Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, Viper It is the mission that will be launched in 2023 Looking for the presence of water on the moon. The mission is part of Artemis program, which sees the participation of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency ASI (Italian Space Agency).

The presence of water on the Moon has already been determined by some satellite investigations, but with Viper scientists intend to obtain conclusive proof, and for this purpose, in addition to various national and transcontinental agencies, they have also opened up to participation from companies, in particular SpaceXSpace Giant, Elon Musk. SpaceX will make a file Falcon 9 heavy missile to the surface probe This time it was made by the American company Astrobotic. Instead, the rover will be developed by NASA.

The ideal landing point identified by scientists is noble pit Close South Pole lunar. It’s an area almost always in shade, so it may have retained traces of water.

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Once it lands, Viper, which is powered by solar energy thanks to some photovoltaic panels, will train for several holes in the ground, even to a depth of one meter. The extracted samples will then be analyzed by onboard instruments in order to obtain an analysis of the subsoil and check for possible presence of H2O. The duration of the mission, due to limited energy availability, will be alone 100 days.

What is the purpose of Artemis, why are we looking for water on the moon

The most fascinating part of the moon landing program has to do with the long-term goals: Artemis born for a purpose Bring man back to the moon And let’s stay thanks to each other stable foundations, true colonies, or outposts necessary for the survival of organisms on the satellite. It is clear at this point that water is a key element in the perspective of future survival.

The Moon is also at the center of other projects, which are certainly visionary but seem less realistic and achievable than Artemis. In particular, there are those who want to build raising the moon. China is also participating in its planned space race Drilling the Moon to “Feed” the Earth.

Giuseppe Giordano