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Lecce Alessandria results: Rodriguez is in another category.  Giants Calabrese and Tuya

Lecce Alessandria results: Rodriguez is in another category. Giants Calabrese and Tuya

Gabriel 6

As always, Lecce has a few shots on goal, as always, it’s all always and only dangerous. The Brazilian in one pulls out very well, depriving Mustacchio of a 1-2 lead. However, in terms of goals, he could have done more, perhaps appearing in Corazza and above all showing greater willingness rather than statistic indifference to Ba’s fortune stroke.


Performing as a superb defender on the wing, able to combine defensive attention with determination, runs and often sly crosses. Sure, he lacks a bit of imagination and evasiveness, but it’s clearly not his job to create supremacy. He pushes to the end even though he gave everything and more


The first half of Lecce is a one-man show for the former Benevento quarterback, which he opens and touches the advantage goal for two more times. The detachment with which Besry excels is like an emperor, and for the monarchy with which it is repeated it deserves double joy. Behind him is the only one who knows how to defend properly, even if he was pardoned in the second half by Giacomelli who did not show him the second yellow.

Lotion 5

Awkward defensively, often difficult despite isolating the gray attack to say the least, starts well but loses too soon. Especially in the second half, where he fails to oppose his opponents and leaves Ba inexplicably free to do as he pleases with the aim of fear. The best thing is the touch that becomes an aid to Koda’s winning goal

Gallo 4,5

Lecce puts it in perspective, but a dramatic mistake on the part of the full-back, who gave the goal to Corazza, completely complicates matters. From then on, everything vibrates on every ball, with occasional massive fouls and rarely enough crosses. He must improve his concentration over the course of ninety minutes, or else it will be difficult to assert at certain levels

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Major 6.5

Many balls were touched, some lost contrast but above all beautiful inventions. Above all, the excellent angles, from which the head of the Tuya comes. However, during the week, he didn’t train much for some illnesses and was secured by a healing barony


The Danish breakwater doesn’t repeat the crushing test of Benevento, but it does so in the absolute most perfect way. Clean game, few flaws but also few inventions, except for two excellent balls that are not realized from the outside. On the other hand, the desire to fight is commendable as usual

Gargiulo 6

He never pulled his leg back, which is already a lot for a team that is still as clumsy as Lecce. An excellent first half, touching the goal twice and attacking each opponent. Farah touches even in the second half, losing it by a few centimeters, while Al-Baroni abandons him in the last attack.

Oliveri 5,5

It would have been a small performance without being ghostly in the second half. He starts impatiently, fights and moves, drinks, and gets two interesting chances from the net. However, the good things are thwarted by the lack of that evil that Lychee so dramatically lacks

Coda 6,5

Even today he missed a little bit in the goal area, failed to follow and attack the ball in the small area. However, he is amazing at expanding the game and creating spaces, and putting quality at the service of the team. However, in the final, he managed to put the claw that gives the Giallorossi three very heavy points, right after the decisive pass to Rodriguez.

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Di Mariano 6

Perhaps it slipped slightly from the first two excellent releases with Como and Benevento, also due to the skill of opponents who have contained it for so long. Bad shooting, much better at creating spaces for the cross. In the second half he accelerates and from his cross at the end, from a free kick he got, he reaches the winning goal.


The Swede enters the half to replace Majer but does not repeat his effectiveness and the quality of the plays. Too shy when the going gets tough, he negates a good approach with decrescendo developments. She can and should do better

Rodriguez 8.5

I don’t think there’s a chance we’ll see anyone approaching Pablo Rodriguez’s finals any better. In the first four balls played: he won a corner kick, took a free kick from the edge in red from De Gennaro, touched the goal diagonally, powers the match with a movement from the outside, as well as devastating moves to defend up. To then excellent. If everyone put their evil in it, Lychee will get 12 points

Paganini 6

He gets into creating chaos and succeeds, even if he doesn’t put special quality and effectiveness into it

Barika 6

A useful entrance to bring in new resources on the left lane, which is no coincidence that Lychee attacks so often


Baroni 6

An exclusive vote was achieved thanks to the three very important points reached in the final. Lecce starts well and finishes bravely, ripping, perhaps behind some merit, more success for the episodes than fun. You make a lot of the ball, a lot of petty mistakes, a lot of actions with a predictable and predictable maneuver, and it is very absurd to ditch Rodriguez on the ball without studying the tactical alternatives: you need to do a lot, much better, because you won’t. Always get lucky on the last attack (and in the double yellow not seen against Tuia)

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