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"It's not like that ...".  Renzi kills Letta (and fresh olive tree)

“It’s not like that …”. Renzi kills Letta (and fresh olive tree)

The results of the October 3 and 4 election rounds, with votes pending in Turin and Rome, have been re-created. Enrico Letta, He firmly believes that he gave new life to the Democrats. In fact, the fact described by the Democratic secretary is not correct, he now has a big dream about returning to the “Ulivo model”. Matteo Renzi. Interviewed morning, The leader of the Italian Viva makes a clear and reasonable analysis of the historic moment experienced by the Democrats, looking for an alliance with the almost-dying 5-star movement after all.

L ‘Olive It is a beautiful plant. The reference to that season, on the other hand, seems to me to express more nostalgia than the future. Twenty-five years ago there was a different world, a different Italy, a different electoral law“Renzi was summarizing the hypothesis of a federation at the time, which was already the case at the time.”It failed to internalize: not exactly a model, so to speak“For the former DEM secretary, it is also wrong to say the election results Catano Manfredi Alliance between Pd and M5s in Naples. “Manfredi and the agreement between Manfredi and de Luca worked in Naples. In addition to the option to change the page depending on the de Magistries disasterRenzi explained.

So there is jab at the party Giuseppe Conte: “Five stars went from 60% to 10% instead. But they can do even worse and, of course, they can disappear. I see them working towards this, when you look at the data from Milan and other cities, they can easily succeed. Go ahead, we will not miss it“The former prime minister pulled his chest out when he pointed out that Matteo Renzi no longer even believes in the dowry that could come by 5s to the Turin and Rome polls, even in the Italian Viva.”The most disgusting Italy Viva has elected more councilors and mayors than five stars. They try to calm us down through polls but not like polls, not political populism, leaders are not influencers. If Italia Viva takes on more executives than them, I will ask myself a few questions“.

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Conte’s M5s, according to him, have no sign and no silence Pepe Grillo This time it is symptomatic. “He was Conte’s first enemy. This is the big problem with the Govt purchase issue: they may pretend not to see it but this affair will explode in the coming weeks. More serious than Tangentopoli, I wrote in my book Controcorrente“The head of the IV said the Count was an influencer and not a politician.”When they fill the squares they go to see the celebrity who signed up at DBCM, not talking about politics“, Renzi Jokes.”Five stars are dead, finished, arrived. After all, who is voting for them? Are they anti-caste? But today Kirillini is by definition the only caste, Luigi de Mayo was in government with all the majority to retain the chairChairman Renzi continued.

In his view, the center is represented by leadership Mario Draghi But he explains that to understand what will happen in the future, we have to wait to understand which direction we can move the direction of the election, meanwhile he appreciates the decision Carlo Calenda Smell: “Unfortunately this is similar to Rocky’s decision, so not enough to go to the polls. But make sure a central area is not built, it already is. It is only a question of creating a representation of the population as efficient and creative as possible“This area goes to the leader of the Italian Viva.”From Forza Italia to Democratic Party reformers. […] They are expanders of a civil and pro-European politics, they do not follow right-wing sovereign people or Grillini left-wing populists.“.

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