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The ship sank 29 days in the Pacific Ocean, only oranges and prayers – the last hour

(ANSA) – KOKOBO, Oct 09 – Two residents of the sunken Solomon Islands survived for 29 days in a small boat at the mercy of the Pacific Ocean alone with coconuts, oranges and many prayers.

The two, Levi Nanjikana and Junior Colony, were traveling between the islands of the Solomon Sea on a seven-meter boat when they were caught in a storm just hours after the trip began on September 3. Because of “heavy rain, thick dark clouds and strong winds”, Nanjikana told Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation yesterday that they lost sight of the mainland and when the GPS battery ran out and night fell, they lost sight of the mainland. 60 horsepower engine to save fuel.

They spent the first night below deck, safe from the rain and wind that pushed the boat farther and further into the sea. For the first nine days they ate the oranges they had brought for the journey: these supplies expired, they began to collect rainwater with a cloth sack and survived thanks to some floating coconuts they encountered along the way, but above all – as Nanjikana said – thanks “for our faith in God that we prayed.” day and night.”

“After several days, since we had prayed, God advised us to build a sailing device – Nanjikana continued – so we built a tree-like structure using oars and cloth and sailed downwind.” The winds carried them to the island of New Britain, about 400 kilometers off the coast of Papua New Guinea, where they spotted a fisherman who rescued them.

The two are now in Pomelo, waiting to be brought back to the Solomon Islands. (Dealing).

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