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Landslide in Ischia: Public prosecutor’s office investigates missed alarms – Campania

The search for the last four missing people continued through the night through Celario in Upper Casamichiola. Firefighters found several victims meter by meter. In the morning some crews released the operators who had worked tirelessly for the past few hours. Meanwhile, volunteers will be back in business this morning shoveling mud.

The prosecutor of Naples is investigating the careless alarms raised by engineer Giuseppe Conte, the former mayor of the Ischia municipality of Casamicciola, which caused destruction and deaths in the early hours of last Saturday. Press reports suggest that. 4 days before the tragedy, on November 22, the ex-mayor reported that he had sent certified emails to the competent authorities (Prime Minister of the Province of Naples, Commissioner of the Province of Casamichiola, Mayor Manfredi and the Civil Defense of Campania). Casamichiola’s citizens run the risk of heavy rainfall forecast.

Divers working with sonar to search for missing persons

There was no time to process the pain in Casamichiola, where the mud turned up an eighth body today, that of 15-year-old Michael Monti. Rescuers involved in the excavation, forced to rush ahead of a new wave of bad weather forecast for the southern regions from tomorrow to Wednesday, have not been able to find the four missing people, of whom there is still no trace. . The 160 firefighters who worked on the island for more than 48 hours concentrated their activity through Selario, which was destroyed by a landslide that broke off Mount Epomeo on the night between Friday and Saturday. There, early in the morning, the body of Michael was found, who was found yesterday with his little brothers Maria Teresa and Francesco, forming one of the two families destroyed by the tragedy. The family dog ​​was also found dead. Parents still missing, father Gianluca, a taxi driver and mother Valentina. Implicit with them, we learn from the province, is Eleonora Sirabella and another young lady’s companion. No one is under any illusions: in time, finding them alive will cry for a miracle. Through Celario, the epicenter of this tragedy, fragments of broken lives still emerge today: a stuffed animal, a pan, and other objects suggest everyday life will never be the same again. But today divers are beginning to scan the ocean floor very close to the harbor with sonar. Finding missing people, establishing the perimeter of the red zone, understanding how many buildings are trapped in the landslide, and understanding when people can return to their homes are the priorities of rescuers. Controversies are ongoing in the background of this. Casamicciola reports the departure of former mayor Giuseppe Conte. Four days before the landslide, he would have reported to the prefecture and civil defense that the risks to Casamichiola’s population were related to hydrological instability. As is the issue of abuse on the table.

Dog stuck in missing owners’ car

The ouster of Environment Minister Pichetto, who wants to “imprison mayors and those who let things go”, is being discussed. A spy who caused embarrassment within the government. “Campania is a region where 64.3% of the buildings are illegal, let’s save at least the crocodile tears” was the extended intervention of Luigi Riello, the public prosecutor of Naples. WWF also talks about the reported sadness and hypocritical tears. “First, unfortunately, and dignified burials for the victims, then we talk about responsibility – Civil Defense Minister Nello Musumesi responded from a distance – and about corrective measures, as the current law requires concrete and sometimes radical interventions. “. Legambiente’s document recalls how Italy is divided even when it comes to demolishing illegal houses: the north is doing well, with an average of 40 to 60% of illegal buildings being demolished, not so well in the south, where the percentage drops to 10. -20%. The public prosecutor of Naples has opened a file: the first to determine whether the flooded houses are illegal or will be demolished. The number of displaced people continues to rise, with 230 official figures, a number that needs to grow. For them, the Red Cross has started a scholarship, but the entire solidarity machinery has been set in motion. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed solidarity today with an exceptional Issian. After the aid announced by the government, today it is the turn of the Campania region to allocate 4 million for primary needs. Tomorrow a meeting of the Recovery Coordination Center will “move to Ischia to make operations ‘more operational'”.

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