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It is better to win than to take second place

It is better to win than to take second place

On October 21, 2018, Kimi Raikkonen won the last Grand Prix of his career. In the US, Hamilton’s World Cup victory was expected, but Kimi with a great start and a perfect race achieved his 21st and final success in Formula 1. Raikkonen’s victory in Texas broke an incredible streak of records and after the race he said: “It’s better to beat second, Then I will celebrate.”

In Texas on October 21, 2018, a page of Formula 1 history was written. Many believed that Hamilton’s world title would be celebrated and he instead triumphed in Austin. Kimi Raikkonen Whoever was in a clever and perfect race got a lot of firsts and after racing in his style he said: “I’m happy, I’ll celebrate later.”

Lewis’ first match point

The 2018 Formula 1 World Championship was intense, head-to-head between Hamilton and Vettel, who had a key moment at the German Grand Prix, Seb was ahead, Ferrari dreamed big, but at Hockenheim everything changed. Vettel makes a terrible mistake in the rain And the frustration of a perfect weekend, the rain glorifies Hamilton who, with overtaking, achieves a beautiful and essential victory, which changes the history of that championship slowly going in the direction of Mercedes.

Lewis in the United States can win the fifth World Cup

When he arrives in the United States, Louis has his first match point and all attention is directed to him. Americans who love the show throw a big party. Mathematically occupying the title is not impossible, but it is also not taken for granted. Hamilton should win and Vettel should finish third. Lewis takes first place, but Sepp and Raikkonen are very close. The race is expected to be good, and it is. Kimi starts with a rocket, takes the lead, Hamilton drops to third and then climbs to second, Vettel starts poorly and is forced to recover.

Hamilton non supera Verstappen and Raikkonen Vince in Texas

Hamilton will soon stop in the pit and it is clear that he will have to stop twice. Ferrari He decided to make only one Kimi, who is good at resisting the attacks of the Englishman, who when he comes out after the second stop is fourth. Raikkonen begins to dream of success, but knows that to achieve success he must not be behind Hamilton, except for the new tyres. But Mercedes No. 44 failed to surpass Red Bull No. 33 which is Verstappen, a fencing pioneer compared to 2021. Lewis tries, but Max does not pass, the prospect of winning the title in Texas is not there.

Kimi wins after 5 and a half years and sets many records

Better this way, because Hamilton Becoming a quintet would have cleared the scene To Kimi Raikkonen who crosses the finish line first in Austin and returns to win the race after five and a half years of fasting. The Finn is happy, I don’t know that by crossing the finish line he is setting a string of records. No one has ever won such a distance as so many general practitioners, up to 114 (from the 2013 Australian Grand Prix to the 2018 US GP), and no one has ever won this distance with Ferrari (from Spa 2009, to Texas 2018) and thus also becomes the driver with the longest interval between first and last victory up to 15 years and 6 months and 28 days (Gp Malaysia 2003). Sooner or later he will lose this record, but at that moment Kimi writes the history of Formula 1 again, and also writes it for Ferrari, which has always held many races held in the United States.

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“I am happier with victory than to take second place.”

After the victory, Kimi climbed to the podium, there is a wonderful sun, and he put on his sunglasses, probably to protect himself from the rays, but perhaps the “snowman” at that moment was affected by a great success. Speaking to reporters, he said cliched words: “Going back in time and having enough tires at the end was a kind of balance. In the end we did it and I managed to win. We won together, with all the guys in the team”, But then he became the real Kimi: “I’ve been missing for a while on the first step on the podium. Obviously I’m much happier winning than finishing second. I’m happy, I’ll celebrate later.”